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Tattoo Scabbing is a natural defense of the skin to protect itself from the intruder, in this case Tattoo ink. I have had the privilege of writing articles on a wide variety of topics, but the topic I found the most interesting is on Tattoo Scabbing. I became interested in tattoos and the aftercare of tattoo art when my daughter married a man with several tattoos, and now she has more tattoos than he does. It became apparent that from the healing process that she went through should have the first time discouraged her having any more tattoos, but that was not the case. So in concern for her healing and getting tattooed again, I started studying the aftercare of tattooing and tattoo scabbing and found it interesting and helpful. It is for this purpose that I have created this blog and to give alternatives for the best tattoo art I have come across. There are a lot of different methods given for the aftercare of your new tattoo regarding the tattoo scabbing that takes place, but the tattoo healing process for your new tattoo and for tattoo scabbing are the same. Your tattoo artist, and each has their own tattoo aftercare instructions, but they will cover your new tattoo with a non porous material such as saran wrap or a non absorbent gauze bandage right after the tattoo has been applied for the time being. The best suggestion for the first day is to gently (set the shower to a low pressure rinse) run water over your tattoo and wash your skin gently with the fragrance-free, non perfume soap of your choice without using a sponge or cloth. Yes… this may feel a little unpleasant, but the first 3 days are the prime time for scabs on tattoos on your body to start, so it is important to wash your tattoo 3 to 5 times a day for two to three solid minutes or until it feels like a slimy film has come off of the tattoo. Immediately after washing your tattooed area gently apply at light film of Emu Oil which is the most often recommended product. Repeat the process of gently washing over any scab on tattoo areas & applying Emu Oil until the tattoo peeling looks like a sunburn or until the tattoo scabs. If you have any metal allergies you should have a spot test done by the artist of your choice before getting your tattoo done. Some artists like to set up by themselves before a tattoo to get centered and plan their approach. As with most personal services, its good to have a relaxed and comfortable service provider.
Its next to impossible for the transmission of disease to occur during your tattoo if you are in a good tattoo parlor, owned and staffed by trained professionals. Too much lotion, sweat, or submersion in water for over three minutes could cause your tattoo to fade or, if there are scabs on tattoos, the scabs may come off prematurely.
Please do not tan before your tattoo appointment, as your color will fade and if you are very tan your color might not show up at all.
If you have to tan, put sun block on the area that you’ll be tattooed in, or better yet, protect the area (cover the area) from the sun.

Most tattooists will give free touch ups about one month after the tattoo has been applied. Tattoos are considered to be a minor medical procedure and Tattoo aftercare instructions for tattoo scabbing are of the utmost importance. The natural defense process for the protection of the skin to the tattoo ink is the forming of scabs on tattoos much like a severe sunburn. Wash off the tattooed area gently with soap and water with your hands, not a sponge or rag as you do not want to remove any of the skin that may be forming scab on tattoo area. Apply a thin layer of a natural oil like Emu oil to the tattoo scabbing area and be sure to cover the entire tattoo. Continue to use a natural oil like Emu oil so the colors of your new tattoo will remain vibrant and luminous. If your tattoo starts to peel after 3-6 days and you see color in the dried skin that comes off, don’t worry, this is just the top layer of dead skin coming off.
If you think there may be something wrong with the tattoo healing process and the tattoo scabbing does not look as it should look, be sure to go back to your tattoo artist for advice. A natural reaction of the skin to getting a tattoo is the tattoo scabbing that takes place during the healing process. The trauma to the skin from the reaction to the needles repeatedly penetrating the top layers of skin down to the deep dermis layers, starts swelling as a reaction to the intruder, in this case the tattoo ink, and is the beginning of the scab formation to protect the deep layers of skin.
This tattoo scabbing is a natural healing process as the tattoo scab forms and the tattoo healing process begins to take place. Tattoo scabs must not be removed before that come off by themselves, in other words, do not pick the tattoo scabs off. This is why aftercare for tattoos during tattoo scabbing is so important, to insure that the ink under the scab does not come away with the scab, and that the scab on tattoo areas hold as much ink under the top layer of skin to ensure the tattoo color is permanently stable.
So now that we have thought about the importance of tattoo aftercare before you get your tattoo, lets go ahead and get the tattoo of your dreams. This is done to promote faster healing by creating a “second skin” and to keep the tattoo healing process from forming too many tattoo scabs as possible. Then you gently pat your skin dry using soft paper towel without lint, and afterwards you should notice that whatever tattoo scab was forming is now gone or lessened and that the tattooed area is more smooth. Some people experience heavy and prolonged tattoo scabbing while I know some who experienced next to nothing at all. Most artists will go over a tattoo in 4 to 6 weeks to brighten or darken your tattoo art if need be. However if you need to watch the sterilized packages be opened in front of you, feel free to ask.

If your tattoo is scabbing and the tattoo scabs come off before the tattoo ink heals into the skin you’ll have a spot of color missing.
If you’d like a tattoo on your foot, please be aware that for the first three or four days afterwards shoes, sweaty feet and water will fade your tattoo.
So with the natural tattoo healing process, your Tattoo Scabbing should be at a minimum if you follow the tattoo aftercare instructions properly and don’t do anything stupid to mess up your new tattoo. Do not rip bandage off in case dried blood has stuck to the bandage and you risk the chance of pulling off skin with it. Do not take advice from so-called tattoo experts that may be misleading for your circumstance. However, if you need medical attention, your tattoo artist should then refer you to a doctor that will understand your problem. A tattoo healing process takes place each time a tattoo is applied to the skin and the tattoo healing process includes tattoo scabbing over the tattoo area. In most cases the scabs on tattoos are similar to a scab that may occur from being badly sun burned. The right tattoo aftercare instructions will ensure that your new tattoo healing will allow your tattoo to heal properly and your tattoo ink remain looking bright and new after the tattoo healing process is complete and you are left with a good looking tattoo. When the tattoo peeling of the scab begins, resist the temptation to scratch or pick at it. Tattoo Scabbing is about keeping you tattoo colors looking vibrant and healthy and you are happy with a good looking tattoo.
Remove the bandage gently using water if necessary, but do not rip the bandage wrap off in case there is some dried blood sticking to the bandage. Using a natural oil like Emu Oil will reduce the amount of tattoo peeling and tattoo scabbing that occurs naturally as your tattoo healing takes place. The most important thing for you to do after the bandage is removed is to WASH the tattooed area. This scab on tattoo areas should be thin and flaky if you have followed the tattoo aftercare instructions  properly. Actually you can apply lotion as often as you like, however be sure to only use enough to thoroughly penetrate the tattoo.

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