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In the end however, my wife and I gave the tattooed ring finger a pass.  I got used to wearing a wedding band and as much sense as the idea of a tattooed ring finger made, we just opted for the traditional route of rings. If the ring finger isn't real estate you want to cover, think about a matching tattoo in the same spot, like the edge of your palm for an image that takes shape when you're holding hands.
See the tattoos these brides and grooms designed to represent their til-death-do-us-part love below. When you see a girl tattoo designs look so perfect it is a typical representation of women.
Fairy tattoos designs are a choice of fun, colorful and one of the coolest designs available.
Wedding ring tattoos are immensely popular these days among engaged or married couples as they are a great way to celebrate the love and devotion two people share among them. The wedding ring tattoos presented here are quite diverse in their styles and work great for all tastes and preferences. Varieties of wedding bands like the plain, hand crafted, contemporary Celtic and lot more other designs are available and all these are made in ink as the wedding band tattoos.
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This image displays a wedding band tattoo on the ring finger and a crescent with a star on the index finger designed in black ink. The Wedding band tattoo in the image display the alphabets M &A in the most simple but stylish way.

The given image displays a wedding band tattoo, which seems to be simply simple and perfect in the black ink.
The image given displays a wedding band tattoo of a letter in ink with the most stylish font design.
The wedding Band tattoo displays two letters ‘JP’, which seem to be as pretty as the finger tattoo.
The image given displays a pair of wedding band tattoos appearing completely classy and cute.
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This is the original meaning of Celtic tattoo is believed to be a symbol of endless life or eternity. As tattoos are meant to be permanent, people love having various styles of wedding rings tattooed on their fingers to symbolize the eternal bond they share with their partner. Its appearance is so admirable such that it dominates even the penny present along with it. The picture seems to be more cheerful and lovely with the love as well as the wedding band tattoos. The very sleek black band followed by the greenish-yellow band looks so cool on the finger.

Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. The idea here is to memorialize wedding day vows to your partner with some ink on a ring finger in place of or in addition to an actual engagement ring and wedding band. Unlike a diamond wedding ring that is conventionally used in marriages, wedding ring tattoos can have quite innovative designs.
It is a very important custom in the west and is a matter of tradition in many parts of the world. Some of the most popular ideas for wedding ring tattoos include Celtic knot tattoos, Claddagh ring designs, love knots, wedding ring tattoos that refer to biblical quotes, sugar skulls wedding ring tattoos, circle of love and infinity wedding ring tattoos.
Some people also prefer having heart signs, heart with wings or even each other’s names tattooed on their ring fingers.
Other popular wedding ring designs include musical notes, Sanskrit Om designs, the word “Love”, crowns, anchors as well as images tree and owl.

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