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Happy Birthday to Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus, born on this day in 1797!
It goes without saying that Frankenstein is one of the most indelible horror stories of all time. Shelley's mother died when she was very young and her father raised her in an educated and liberal household, encouraging her to learn and voice her opinions.
She met "radical poet-philosopher," Percy Bryce Shelley, when she was in her early teens and the two began meeting in secret when she was merely sixteen (he was twenty-two and married.) Her father disapproved of the liaison for many reasons (including Percy defaulting on a deal to bail her father out financially) and forbade the two to carry on so.
The couple lived on the cheap, (with Percy dodging creditors at every turn) surrounded by a wide circle of friends and were rumored to have believed in (if not outright practiced) free love. Things took a brighter turn (although, I'm positive Percy was still an ass) when Percy's grandfather died and left him some money, followed by Mary giving birth to another boy, William, who was healthy. Byron challenged the foursome to come up with intriguing horror stories to share with the group.

Frankenstein was published anonymously in 1818 and then re-edited and re-published in 1823 and 1831. Percy and Mary finally married after his wife killed herself by drowning and Mary gave birth to a third child.
Frankenstein's monster is so iconographic, so my creature designers spent many, many months designing hi..
Frankenstein's monster is so iconographic, so my creature designers spent many, many months designing him. Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.-Mark Twain in Language quotes.
The concept of creating (or re-creating) life and thwarting God's plan is a compelling one. Mary's step-mom followed them and tried to talk sense into Mary, but she was having none of it. The loss of her second child, coupled with Percy's broke-ness, married-ness and all-around philandering jerk-ness (possibly with her very own cousin, Claire), plunged Mary into a dark depression, which may have put her in just the place to write such a dark novel as Frankenstein. Mary had a waking dream of a student practicing dark medicine over a corpse in an attempt to re-animate it.

People speculated that Percy had more of a hand in Frankenstein then was reported, but both maintained that he we merely Mary's editor for technicalities. I said, 'OK, he has to have a flat head, blots on his neck and Doc Martens on his feet, but other that - we can play with him'.
Shelley herself had quite a compelling and scandalous life and the birth of her now-famous tale had equally auspicious beginnings. The couple (plus Mary's cousin, Claire) then floated around Europe and blew what little money they had. Frankenstein started out as a short story, but under the encouragement of Percy and Byron, Mary extended it to a full-length novel.

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