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First of all I would like to thank TravelingMic for interviewing me and all the magazine staff for the opportunity to be in this issue.
Caesar, a Hungarian artist who settled in the US eight years ago, might just on his way to becoming one of the rising stars of the international tattoo scene. Can you explain to us how a Hungarian beer inspector came to be a tattoo artist in New York?
During my collage years, I thought a tattoo would go just perfectly well with my image of drinking and chasing girls. How do you make sure that all these tiny details you put into your work will stay over many years? Thanks to all of our sponsors: H2Ocean, Good Color, Ink Health, Sullen Clothing and Kingpin Tattoo Supply. Episode 5 opens with the gang going into a comedy club for an episode of Doug Loves Movies. For the ink challenge, each contestant had to do a light-hearted, funny tattoo for their client who wanted a tattoo to pick them up when they are down. Cocky-ass Derek thought he was going to be on top, but he ended up on the bottom with Brittany and Ralph.
I wish Derek would have been sent home, but Ralph’s “ink had run dry” and they sent him packing. From his hide-out in New York , he is sending his amazing and finely detailed work to the rest of world.
After high school, I graduated from The Trading and Catering College in 1995,after having suffered for nine years through Agricultural University. I work a lot on computers, because of the time saving because of the time saving mature and flexibility of it.
It’s me again here to bring you yet another exciting and death-defying episode of Best Ink Season II. It soon digressed into Tylor and Brittany making Alli feel like a third wheel, making googly eyes at each other. When asked by the judges why he thinks he is on the bottom this week, he said that the other artists are threatened by him, and they wanted to get rid of the best artist first.
When Boris, the Hungarian superstar of tattooing, recommends looking at another artist’s work, it is always worth a try.

I worked fo the Heineken Company, as a draft beer inspector until the day before I left for the USA. Pretty primitive, we are talking about the late 80’s, with the Socialist regime in Hungary. I really respect the artistic vision, skill and meticulous precision they had in the era of no computer technology, no photographs, with just the flesh and blood model in front of them, working with charcoal or paint. It comes in handy during the editing process for designs, and it ensures that I can keep up my different large scale projects.
I feel more comfortable in the monochrome world, than with crazy, blinding , bright colors, and I have more fun layering grays on the top of each other. Building up a custom pieces usually two steps: First, we set up a consultation appointment with the customer’s reference, sketches and ideas. I’m a bit antisocial, something of hermit and like being a slave of my habits and feeling comfortable in my own environment. This episode demonstrates to me that I am absolutely no judge of what a decent tattoo should be.
Even though his friend, Caesar emigrated to the US eight years ago, his fine shading , faultless technique, attention to detail, amazing feeling for proportion and realistic depictions, as well as love for fantasy topics, easily five him away, as being of Eastern European descent. Even before, I was tattooing out of my house once in awhile, but I have never had any extra schooling for fine arts until 2006, when I joined the Art Students League of New York, under my tutor Costa Vavagiakis, who is an excellent teacher and amazing artist. Since I’ve been using the Cheyenne HAWK machine, I don’t have to worry about the technicalities. With basic style, topic and story in mind, we go over all the details, possibilities, placing, basically creating the layout. I have “old” pieces like the Death Dealer II of the extremely soft Sorayama’s angel, which are more then five years.
But I do have email and phone contact with other tattoo artists, even from Europe, but I’ve never met most of these artists in real life yet. That tool is just almost perfect for me: It’s light weight , maintenance free and behaves like the pencil. Then my brain stars trying to incorporate all the required elements into one, big composition. Those got beaten by the Florida sun over the years, an even the soft shades held up pretty well.

Not having as front window was kind of scary at first, but I always dreamed about a nice, dark, hidden location, far away from the crazy crowd, something like a cave. Eventually, I met someone whose dad was an electrician, and they built homemade power supplies and tattoo machines.
More conservatively I like graphite drawing a lot , and I can handle the color pencil as well. If you want to go darker, use a little more pressure, just like with the graphite, but you must watch the physical limitation of your tool and the skin you work on, because you can mess it up easily. Brittany’s donut and coffee were decent tattoos, but she should have done a different kind of coffee cup, like a mug. I bought one of his starter kits, and received something like a five , six hour tattooing class, in a really smoky, dark pub near Budapest.
I jumped into a swimming pool, and broke my nose on the second day, not knowing what the “Depth:3 feet “ sign stood for, since we have the metric system in Hungary. Only sometimes, a piece just requires color for easier reading or more complete composition.
I like working in five to six hours sessions, which don’t wear me out, and give sufficient progress. For this week's flash challenge, they were put in pairs to draw a caricature of each other.
I learnt just the basics, and received a list of tattoo suppliers from the “Evil West”[laughs]. Even during the session, continuously we are altering the big idea, until the smallest, little detail falls into its place.
At the beginning of the 90’s the first, legal tattoo parlors opened, and I started with covering up and extending jail house quality tattoos, so the risk of making it worse was relatively less.
Dude, don’t go and say some preachy shit, even in a joking way, then go and do some stupid shit that is going to negate everything you just said. Not the ink changing with the years, but the structure of the skin; and this makes the ink run and the image dull and blurry.

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