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After going under the needle, the Tik Tok singer posted a photograph of her new artwork on her Instagram account for all to see. As well as being incredibly painful on the sensitive interior of the lip, Ke$ha’s tattoo could be prone to infection because there is so much bacteria in the mouth.
As for whether these type of tattoos are permanent and painful, a tattoo artist writes on Yahoo! Aaaaaand this is why some people think tattoos look trashy, or think only trashy people get them.
She tweeted the charming inset photo above, along with a picture of herself with the tattoo artist.

She just seems like a wacky chick who likes to party, not like she’s going off the rails or headed to the dark side or anything.
I never noticed until months after dating when I saw some black ink under there and asked him if he had it done.
The tattoo seems kind of dumb and useless, (and obvious) but at least she’s not going around with it tattooed above her mouth, you know?
Plus her music is huge but you don’t see her showing up for every event or famewhoring around.
He said he got it done when he was 18 and now is he 30, you can still see it very, very well.

He said it didn’t hurt too bad, the most painful area apparently to get a tat is on your tummy .

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