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The four leaf clover is an important symbol that has its roots in the Celtic and Irish cultural traditions. The four leaf clover tattoos presented in this site are notable for their beautiful designs. Irish tattoos come in a great variety of styles, stemming from the rich and varied artistic traditions that are part of the Irish culture. From Celtic tattoos to the classic Claddagh heart, to religious tattoos such as the Irish cross, these tattoos are a great way to celebrate your appreciation for Irish and Celtic heritage. Celtic art consists of beautiful and complex knotwork and stylized images taken from nature.
This Celtic knotwork can also be found on Irish stonework that may date as far back as 400 BC. The Irish are very well aware of their Celtic heritage, but many Irish are also very religious. The word "shamrock" is derived from the Irish word seamrog, which means "little clover." It refers to a three-leafed white clover (which is really green but has white flowers), not the rare four-leaf clover often associated with good luck.
Despite not being the "lucky" four-leaf clover, the shamrock and any clover represents good fortune in the Irish tradition. A four-leaf clover is extremely rare, that's why it became a symbol of luck: you must be extremely lucky to find one (you have 1 chance in 10,000). In tattoo designs, four-leaf clovers are often combined with other luck symbols, like a horseshoe.
As a tribute to her faithfulness and love, he designed what we now know as the Claddagh, a crowned heart held by two hands. The third type of Irish tattoo is one that reflects the Irish folklore, which is related to both the Celtic and Christian traditions, yet distinct from both. The Irish are very patriotic and tend to be rather sentimental about their love for their culture - which would explain the growing popularity of Irish tattoos. You can find many common themes and patterns that recur in tattoos inspired by Irish culture and history.
If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Filipino Tattoos, Texas Tattoos, Chicano Tattoos and Japanese Tattoo Art. This green and yellow shaded four-leaf clover sits inked below the navel while the black surrounding patterns add a bold touch. A garland of clover leaves surrounds this great tattoo featuring an Irish’s first love, football.
Styled in black with orange flame patterns adding a delicate touch this knuckle cross tattoo has an Irish inspiration. Curvy patterns with shaded motifs and triangles with decorative elements make up this awesome Irish tattoo design. Divided in equal areas of orange white, and green this colorful tattoo is a perfect replica of a waving Ireland flag. This small and colorful shoulder tattoo combines the Irish flag colors with the three-leaf clover symbol. Shaded with green all around the edges these card tattoos with tree symbols on them symbolize the Irish great gambling spirit.

Check out the delicate blue shades of this four-leaf clover design that speaks of the Irish love of everything to do with the sea. The patterns of a torn scroll combine with the colors of the Irish national flag in this tattoo celebrating Irish national pride.
Styled in a blue clover leaf patterned cap and a matching coat this powerful figure with strong arms is inked in a graphic design style.
Bold, black, and graphic design style, this powerful forearm tattoo shows an interwoven design of three birds in flight. A floral theme Irish tattoo with a patterned center sits alongside dice with skull figures in this intricate hand and arm tattoo design.
Take a look at the powerful lines of the star in this pentacle tattoo, with red, blue, and green patterns adding bright color. This Irish inspiration tattoo inked on the forearm shows a small colorful figure with a blue cap and a quirky green woodland style coat.
Patterned in delicate gray shades overlapping each other in circular fashion this is an elegant forearm tattoo design. Check out this adorable pink pig with one blue eye wide open as it gazes from the side of the neck in the tattoo design. Powerful geometric patterns of triangles and a circle make up this Irish theme tattoo inked on the side of the neck.
This text and image combination tattoo design shows the four-leaf clove surrounded by four names inked in a stylized font.
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. It is often worn as a tattoo design by both men and women due to its immense spiritual and philosophical significance.
The Irish have a soulful, spiritual and very colorful culture - and Irish tattoo art reflects the full spectrum of it.
In fact, the Irish commonly place a clover in the bride’s bouquet as well as in the groom’s boutonniere to ensure a happy union!
They can go almost anywhere – on an ankle, shoulder, lower back or even on the hand or foot.
Patrick drew a simple Latin cross through the symbol of the stone circle, a motive readily adopted by his new converts. That Irish Claddagh tattoo on the pretty Colleen sitting next to you has its roots in a story from the early 16h century.
The fisherman was rescued by pirates unfortunately and was sold into slavery in western Africa. A Claddagh tattoo may symbolize a romantic connection between two people or it may represent a strong bond of friendship that lasts through the years, that's why it's often used as a marriage tattoo. While Irish tattoos are common as body art in today's society, they embody the elements of an ancient and playful Celtic spirit.
The rivers and lakes, mountains and valleys of Ireland are full of beautiful legends and stories that come out in many tattoo designs. Ireland has many fantasy tales creatures which come into tattoo designs to make cool patterns.

Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. The Celts were an ancient people who once lived throughout Europe, settling in the British Isles around the time of the early Roman Empire. Today's tattoo symbols draw on this ancient tradition and are a favorite motif for Irish tattoo designs. Escaping a few years later, he returned to Ireland, expecting his betrothed to have married someone else.
A golden harp with silver strings has been an Irish symbol from as early as the 13th century. For men looking for interesting tattoo ideas it may be worthwhile to get inspired by Irish designs. You also get to see Irish national pride theme tattoos for men that have the national flag colors in the design, or show the replica of the flag itself. He was a wise man and used familiar objects to illustrate Christian principles to the Irish people.
It is said he reached down, plucked a shamrock, and held it up to illustrate the Holy Trinity to the followers of pagan Celtic gods and goddesses. Irish Tattoos For Men can be both colorful and single shaded, tiny and intricate, or large and abstract. Many Irish tattoo designs go for the four-leaf or three-leaf clover, combining them with other motifs. One of the most common styles involves depicting the four leaf clover with the sign of the Celtic Cross. They were rather nasty customers with no qualms about doing in nosy people trying to heist their Lucky Charms. You can also see tattoos that celebrate Ireland’s favorite sport, football, as well as designs that draw on music for inspiration. The Gaelic language is also used in many tattoos as a mark of Ireland’s rich heritage.
Alternately, a four leaf clover can be shown along with Celtic knots which truly accentuate the beauty of these tattoos. Irish tattoos often draw on religious themes for inspiration, so you can see cross theme designs styled in bold color combinations like orange and black. These include cherries, diamonds, horseshoes, flames, stars, wings, swallows, dices, ladybugs, royal crowns, playing cards, an eight ball and the numbers 7 or 13.
Colorful and stylish, intricate and rich with symbols Irish tattoos offer a world of ideas and images.

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