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On top of stretching, half of women will get dark and splotchy spots on their skin called melasma or chloasma. Getting a tattoo while pregnant may pose a risk to your child, on par with smoking or drinking while pregnant. Currently, studies in adults with tattoos shows that ink does not travel very far from the tattoo site, but after a few years might travel inward. It is also my personal belief that you should wait until after your pregnancy to get a tattoo.
If you already have a tattoo and you became pregnant afterwards, these inward-traveling particles might affect your child.
However, there are a few doctors who will refrain from giving an epidural if you received a lower back tattoo recently. In areas like the stomach and breast, your body will swell and your skin will stretch to match up.
These marks are totally normal and are a result of some incredible hormones taking care of your baby’s growth.
Swelling is normal for the first few days of tattoos, so you may have to see your doctor more than once. Tattoos are permanent features, so waiting a few months to get one should be a trivial matter. Treating these diseases are nearly impossible while you are pregnant, since certain medications have adverse effects on the womb. There is no study done on the way that these chemicals interact with the body or womb, but it is better to be safe than sorry. The epidural could possibly push the ink in deeper and allow it to spread through the body, or it might be shallow enough to ruin the tattoo as the fluid moves the ink around.

Getting tattoos in these areas is a bad idea—after your pregnancy is over, the shape of the tattoo will drastically change, shrinking and becoming distorted. If you notice any abnormal itching around your tattoo or anywhere around your body, consult your doctor first and then your tattoo artist about what kind of products are safe to use to relieve the itching. Here’s a look at the few things we know for certain concerning getting a tattoo while pregnant. If you do want to get a tattoo, be sure to pick an official shop with a good reputation that will take care of you. Either way, it’s bad news for the person who gets the epidural, and doctors do not risk it. Along with that, your body experiences an increase in amount of blood and speed in circulation. If you decide to get a tattoo while pregnant despite the risks, be sure to tell your tattoo artist so that they can take any precautions in place to make the procedure as safe as possible for you and your baby.
Use this knowledge to make an informed decision, and consult your doctor if you have any medical concerns. Tell them that you are pregnant and want to reduce the risk to your child, and they should go out of their way to remove any contaminants to keep the procedure safe.
If you want any kind of pain relief while giving birth, go ahead and skip out on the tattoo until later.
While that bodes well for things like healing tattoos, it also means that the ink has the potential to move away from the area quickly. Any infections you receive due to poor aftercare will also be difficult to treat because not all antibiotics are safe for pregnant women. The first 12 weeks are the most critical part of your child’s development, so things which are harmless to adults can still greatly affect the child.

If you already have a tattoo on your back, you can ask your delivery doctor ahead of time about what the hospital procedures are for people with back tattoos. Your tattoo artist will not enjoy themselves, either—while it might be easier to stretch the skin, that skin is incredibly oily and requires more prep to ensure that the tattoo goes on evenly.
It is possible for anything put in your body to affect the child up until delivery, so be aware that getting a tattoo can have unseen risks for the child. It’s possible that you can find a hospital that will administer it anyways, or allow epidurals for people with older tattoos. In areas where the skin is drastically stretched—such as the stomach—it could be impossible to put on a tattoo at all.
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