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Whether your goal is to become a capable wine connoisseur, or simply to better understand what kind of wines you like so you can select wines with confidence, to learn about wine is a worthwhile and valuable process. To begin your journey into learning about Italian wine, the first step is to understand the Italian wine classification and appellation system – this will provide a basic guide to where the wine comes from, and what classification it holds in the Italian scheme, and this in turn will reveal more about the quality of the wine. We can go on to learn about the Italian vineyards, how the grapes are grown traditionally and how modern trends have improved viticulture.
The final step in learning about wine is the one that you can experiment with and enjoy the most – and this is pairing red and white wine with food. There are many fine books that can help you on your journey, and we have provided some advice on the best ones to choose.
TweetAs a large and popular stock photo agency, iStockphoto is the most expensive of the cheaper, crowdsourced agencies. As the first agency open to anyone to contribute, their head start means they have enough buyers to attract the best photographers. Lee Torrens, editor of How to Buy Photos, lives between his home town of Melbourne, Australia and his adopted home of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Eyeidea has produced stock video and photos for over a decade, expansion of distribution is a natural progression. Eyeidea joined iStockphoto's exclusive video contributor program in 2006 and immediately shot to the top becoming the #1 video contributor. Established in 1993 and based in Southern California, Eyeidea is a creative micro-agency, providing artists, editors, producers and creators with motion graphics design and 3D animation services.

Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. We can also learn all about wine tasting – far beyond a simple sniff and slurp, getting the most out of wine is an important skill that begins with knowing how to purchase a wine that is in good condition, storing it properly, serving it correctly, and knowing how to taste it in order to truly appreciate its flavour. The way in which the grapes are treated in the winery is also crucial – and this is often what imparts character and personality to Italian wines. Every wine producing country will have wine and food combinations that the local population is very proud of, and Italy is no exception. Half of their total collection is exclusive to iStockphoto and the other half is the best of everything else. The collections that contain exclusive content are more expensive than those with non-exclusive content.
He's passionate about photography and technology, which he combines into producing this blog and consulting in the stock photography industry. Eyeidea later became a double diamond contributor at iStock, a rank held by very few out of the tens of thousands of iStock contributors worldwide. This can be intimidating for the amateur wine enthusiast but they need not worry – to learn about Italian wine is not only rewarding but it will provide an excellent grounding for understanding wines produced in the rest of the world.
Once you can start to identify the nuances of Italian wines that make them so unique and special, there will be no turning back. Choosing the right bottle, something that compliments the meal perfectly, can be the difference between a pleasant experience and one that is truly exceptional and memorable.

Extended licenses are required for use on products for resale, large print runs, multi-seat, etc.
The search filters on the left-side include a price filter which enables you to see only the cheaper photos, or just the most expensive ones.
We are very picky about who will be representing the Eyeidea portfolio of stock media files.
The agencies have to make their decisions and we, the contributors, have to decide what is acceptable to us" Anderson said.
Anderson at Eyeidea has designed creative visuals for TV shows including the Grammy Awards, the Emmy Awards, The Voice (NBC), the Super Bowl and the History Channel as well as various Fortune 500 companies including Honda Motors and Amgen. The entire Eyeidea video and animation portfolio of over 4,000 files will be available at these sites January, 2012.
Eyeidea also left the iStockphoto photo exclusivity program in 2010 and has images available at many popular stock photo sites.

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