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While at the NYC Tattoo Convention a couple of weekends ago, I was introduced to a phenomenal black & grey artist whose realism and ornamental work is stellar, not just in its complex composition but also in the absolute harmony with the shape of the client's body. We've had our BBQs and enjoyed the sunshine of this weekend, but it wouldn't be Memorial Day in the US without giving pause to think on those who have lost their lives in serving our country.
Our beloved tattoo and poetry journal, Holly Rose Review, has published its last issue but it leaves on its strongest note ever. The poems share worries of all sorts: impending storms, the world ending, death, failure, germs, and aging. According to NBC Dallas, 30-year-old Texas mom, Samantha Osborn, went to Six Flags Amusement Park with her husband to celebrate his birthday but was denied entrance because an employee said her guns and roses tattoo was violent and offensive. Angeles TimesIn 2006, Johnny Anderson of Yer Cheat'n Heart Tattoo wanted to move his shop to a better location and decided on Hermosa Beach, CA; however, he was denied because zoning laws prohibited tattooing in the city (not as an outright ban but by not recognizing it as a permissible use). Here's what one scholar said to the LA Times: "If it's art, it's art, and art gets protection," UC Berkeley law professor and 1st Amendment expert Jesse Choper said of the debate over whether tattoos are protected speech. New Yorker article.That was a state court case, however, and limited in its impact on other bans outside Mass.
The Hell City Tattoo Convention, for me, began the minute I boarded my flight to Columbus and ran into Dan Henk (shown below) and Frankie Scorpion, the notorious founder of The Gypsy Queens. With Twitter and Hipstamatic (my first try at the photo app above), I'll be attempting to live blog the Hell City Tattoo Fest. In 1973, Bob Roberts began his life in tattooing at The Pike in Long Beach, a waterfront amusement park that was home to many tattoo legends--legends like Bob Shaw and Col.
Still in recovery from the NYC Tattoo Convention, which took over the historic Roseland Ballroom this weekend and the better part of my liver.
In an hour, I'll be heading to the NYC Tattoo Convention, one of my favorite shows--with its diversity of top tattoo artists and crowd of beautiful freaks--all in the historic Roseland Ballroom in Times Square.
Our go-to source for historic photos, including but not limited to tattoos, is The Selvedge Yard. From i-phones to clothings, nowadays everything seems to trend towards the idea of  the smaller and lesser the better. The one great aspect of having a full back tattoo is that if you want to do a full body suit, or a large piece tattoo, then your back acts as the perfect body canvas. Check out the online portfolio of Caesar Tattoo in NYC.Caesar, a Hungarian native, did his first tattoo in 1994 on a drunk in a smoky pub on the rural side of Budapest. There is also an underlying motif of what transpires in dreams or when one lacks the capability to have them. Each of us sat separately on the plane and so each of us had to answer the same incessant tattoo questions from our seat mates--questions we later shared and mocked once we landed and piled into the truck of Myke Chambers who graciously picked us up from the airport and drove to the Hyatt Regency Convention Center.
These are not plushies for the kiddies but art toys for adults (although I kinda wanna squish them myself). For the past ten years, I could easily be found at the main-floor bar, but this weekend, I'll be spending most of my time at the Father Panik booth, off to the side of the stage, selling my Black Tattoo Art tome alongside their kickass clothing and jewelry. What's particularly cool about the site is that editor JP also puts the images in context with interesting background info. I ALSO ASK TO PLEASE RESPECT THE WEARERS OF THESE TATTOOS IN THE PHOTOS AND DO NOT DIRECTLY COPY THEM AS EACH TATTOO DESIGN IS PERSONAL TO THE WEARER.
The most popular full back tattoo arts usually consists of mythical creatures such as dragons, or even a collage of images that interlinks together to form one big common theme or style. Without someone to teach him the craft, Caesar "screwed up every volunteer's skin around," learning by trial and error, experimenting and carefully observing what worked and what didn't. South Carolina, was appealed to the US Supreme Court, the highest court in the country refused to hear it (even with Ken Starr arguing it). There, our (interrogated) tattoo minority became a monstrous majority of international artists, collectors & media. Just got to the Hyatt Regency Columbus where the second floor bar is already filling up, and it is there I shall begin my research and reporting. It was an apprenticeship where one learned to be equally adept at removing a drunk from the shop as well as putting on a solid tattoo.

To get a preview of the show, check the Cool Hunting Video above from a few years back, which has great shots from the convention floor as well as stellar sound bits from Lucky Diamond Rich, the world's most tattooed person. Some of us prefer things to be the bigger the better, and for those who are into tattooing, full back tattoos are definitely an extreme option that will excite and express your tattoos in a much bigger way. You can always check out different small to medium size tattoos here or elsewhere to get your inspirations before you plan to ink your full back tattoo. Since that rocky start, Caesar has refined his technique and style, making him an exciting artist to watch. She complained and got an email apology from the park, which means little really, but perhaps she motivated the company to draft better policies where employees can't discriminate at will. The needles went it, the endorphins kicked, and all was cool for a hot minute until my foot then wanted to twitch and do a little dance. One celebrity who has famously tattooed his full back is British football player, David Beckham.
Bear in mind that full back tattoos may not only be more costly, but also induce a lot more pain as well as frequent sessions to the tattoo studio. Yes, he's gotten international magazine coverage, but I'm surprised I haven't seen more considering his extensive body of large scale, powerful work. For all my whining on the gentrification of tattooing, these events make me feel that we're still a neighborly hood.
He is just as passionate about animals as shown on TV, warm and very kind, but I would never want to get on his bad side.
The economy has tanked but tattooing is booming and it's very exciting to see all this wild new art in a country that is just experiencing its tattoo renaissance. I kept it steady but it caused my body to tense up, so it took a while to relax and get into the shop banter. He had a big angel tattoo inked onto his back for his three sons, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and daughter Harper, which displays his deep love and tribute to his family members. I thought it would be interesting to feature Caesar today, in particular, based on the work above -- a half sleeve melding the Dominican and US flags, showing ethnic pride and American patriotism. I like it.Just as I did for the NYC Tattoo Convention, I'll break down my personal highlights here. When I'm there this summer, I'll add more to my Tattoos in Greece posts--found here and here.Next weekend, we'll be heading to the Hell City Tattoo Fest in Killumbus, Ohio.
The meaning of this angel tattoo also acts as a guardian, so it’s definitely a meaningful tattoo to have on your back should you also have a person or person(s) you would want to protect and love.
The Monica Memorial Show at Sacred Gallery comprises tattoo artist tributes on canvas to this tiny powerhouse.
He continues to do animal rescue, work on his cars, and now he makes special soap that he says will keep us all looking as young as he does at 77 years old. Once again, Durb and the HC crew gather the very best tattoo artists from around the world, offer seminars, art shows, music performances and tons of tattoo goodness. He was born in the Dominican Republic--that's why there's the Dominican seal on the bicep and the gray-scaled Dominican flag--and he was raised in the US, which the American flag represents.
Tattooists aren't corralled into tiny booths, squished on top of one another like in a chicken farm; they have the room they need to lay clients out for tattooing, a necessity considering so many artists were working on big pieces like backs, thighs and an occasional booty.
The first edition will only be a 1,000 copies, with a hardcover sleeve, signed and numbered. Check his personal website here (although it doesn't seem to have been updated recently).* Another great character I met was Richie Magic (best to turn your sound off if clicking). Shows run by tattooists like Durb Morrison tend to make that extra effort to accommodate their fellow artists. Richie is the world record holder for extinguishing 200 lit cigarettes in his mouth in 6 minutes and 37 seconds. Or maybe it was easy to make fun of both he and his client, a young girl who wanted a French sentence on her wrist that didn't make much sense but still insisted on getting it even after two native Francophones advised against it.
And happy artists can translate into happy tattoos (unless they got too happy at the lobby bar the night before).* The use of technology--including the competition RSS feeds, Google calendar updates and judging software--kept things running super-smoothly.

Artists include Paul Acker, Alex Adams, Guy Aitchison, Nick Baxter, Aaron Bell, Paul Booth, Joe Capobianco, Joshua Carlton, Mike DeVries, Chris Dingwell, Little Dragon, Alex Garcia, Goethe, Gunnar, Anil Gupta, Ryan Hadley, Robert Hernandez, Phil Holt, Nikko Hurtado, Brian Murphy, Roman, Juan Salgado, Stefano, Toxyc, Kurt Wiscombe and Phil Young. In fact, the competition judging system is so incredibly cool that I'm gonna do a separate entry on it later for my fellow geek squad.* Like the NYC tattoo show, I met some truly beautiful characters. Richie is also a master magician, sideshow performer, and part of the Ripley's Believe it or Not family (often working with his wife of 25 years, Barbara; check them on The Marriage Ref show). It makes such a difference to get tattooed in a friendly and relaxed shop where the art is serious but the people are goofy. Whether they knew her or not, they were willing to support a fallen artist from within their community. If you miss it, however, the softcover will be released next year.Another must-have for your tattoo library. The exhibit at the Oceanside Museum of Art in North San Diego, CA will feature a live tattoo runway show where 45 collectors will model the work of about ten tattooists while Master of Ceremonies Jade Winn will discuss the symbolism and history behind the tattoo imagery. Even the artists who didn't have time to submit work agreed to come out and celebrate the life of Monica.
Dutch, an "Appalachian native," held court at his Dutch's Body Suit Supplies booth, next to that of his tattooist Scot Winskye of La Grange, KY. We salute you drunken girl with the super-sized fake breasts who kept yelling, "I can pay you in tits!" when given her bar tab.
Artists featured include Fip Buchanan of Avalon Tattoo, Rob Benavides of Flying Panther Tattoo, Roy "Loy-Loy" Leyva of Classic Traditions Art Company, Opie Ortiz of World Famous Tattooing in Long Beach, Louis Perez II of Will Rise Tattoo in Hollywood, and Bill Canales of Full Circle Tattoo. Dutch said that since he started getting tattooed by Scot, he hasn't had anyone else put their art on him. Bill's tattoo work shown above--which we first posted here in February--will be part of the exhibit.More events listing coming up next week.
When a woman walked in with a stroller asking if she could calm her screaming baby down inside the shop instead of outside, they said Ok. I also added little daisies to break up the common sticker-style rose feeling."Caesar's next convention date will be July 30-August 1st at the Visionary Tattoo Arts Festival in Ashbury Park, NJ.
It's a show of life and what was exceptional about her, not a melancholy commiseration on her death. In addition to large beautiful pieces on his torso and legs--which you can see on Flickr--Scot has tattooed Dutch's head, ears and those pennies on his eyes.
The time-line and story of a life full of potential cut short resounds with many people, and even those who only knew her from the sidelines felt the impact and wanted to contribute.
In fact, I met a bunch of Scot's other clients at the show including this body builder whose claim to convention fame was his ability to bench of 550 pounds. Again, a trade-off.While Dan takes his time in designing, he is really fast at tattooing, which is pretty amazing considering he's meticulous in his line and dotwork.
I appreciate all the artists who put in their hard work and time into rendering artwork for something that is very personal for me and her brother, Kike. People were very nice to him.* Another highlight was stealing Joe Capobianco away for an hour to interview him for an upcoming feature in Inked Magazine--time I greatly appreciated as Joe was booked up tattooing all weekend as well as promoting his latest Kid Robot toy, The Bride.
Musicians, including the awesome Peter Stauber (aka Sursum) performed on stage, while in the back of the room, tattooists painted collaboratively on biomech and organic pieces. Looking forward to seeing the paintings again when it comes to NYC's Sacred Gallery in July.* Did I mention the freakin awesome tattoo work being done at the convention?
I love Kristel Oreto's Chanel-ized My Little Pony along with this Louis Vuitton version here.* Finally, it all comes back to hanging out with friends and getting to know people whose work I've admired. I won't complain about people resting their drinks on my head again.]I only wish Steve could've photographed the high school prom that took place Friday night on the floor below, with all the tulle wedding cake dresses and big pageant hair. Awesome!Most of the artists and collectors I spoke with never went to their own proms, many saying that they felt like outsiders when they were young.

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