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Tattoos of birds are quite popular among men and women and they are going for eagle, peacock, sparrow, swallow, etc. The humming bird is the smallest bird in the world that makes it unique in a distinct manner. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Dove Tattoos, Hummingbird Tattoo Designs, Sparrow Tattoos and Swallow Tattoos. The hummingbird with flower, carved in the middle of the back, is a symbol of love and looks very charming too. The flying hummingbird paints an evocative portrait taking us on a flight of freedom and imagination. Pretty and small hummingbird sucking nectar from the flower looks lovely and creates a charming tattoo design.
The tiny hummingbird is well-known for its amazing flying skills and this tattoo represents the same. Yellow and green humming bird is a symbol of hope and joy that comes with hard work and passion. Hummingbird about to suck nectar from the jasmine flower, carved with black ink on the leg, is looking simple and graceful. The light hummingbird with a flower in its beak is a symbol of love and fervent passion that beckons the love birds. The flying hummingbird symbolizes versatile skills and proficiency as the small avian is known for its cool flying skills. This humming bird is a symbol of persistence and positive energy and the gladiolas represent strength of character. This boy has got a hummingbird tattoo on his arm as a lucky charm to attract the opposite sex. The small hummingbird hovering over a bunch of five flowers and trying to suck nectar from it represents strength and spirit. This hummingbird tattoo along with flowers has been carved in the memory of grandfather that looks pretty sweet. The hummingbird surrounded by a leafy flower branch and sucking nectar has been carved by the woman as mark of love for her husband. Carved on the back with a vines like curvy body structure, this tattoo looks very distinct and delectable.

The smallest and most unique bird having its food from the flower is a symbol of incessant energy and passion.
The bird in its flight represents multi tasking that women are quite expert in and this girl got the avian tattooed for this very reason. The orchid flowers and the hummingbird together represent the fragrance of freedom that culminates in bliss. The pink flower and the pink hummingbird have a very feminine and charming look that represent love and affection.
Grey and black, flying hummingbird that stands for energy and passion also has a very aesthetic look. Ornamental hummingbird tattoo, carved on the ribs, that is pretty and has a very eye-catching look. The beautiful hummingbird piercing its beak in the flower is a symbol of deep intimacy and love. The hummingbird has a very graceful and charming look that makes it a cool aesthetic tattoo piece. The flying bird represents that the wearer has been through a period of strife in his life and wants to come out of it.
The sharp beak of the hummingbird embodies focus and sharpness that are much-needed traits for success in life. The hummingbird, penetrating the flower, symbolizes the spirit of being focused on one’s goals and working hard to attain it. The girl got this tattoo in memory of her grandmother who was visited by the hummingbird when she was on her death-bed.
The clover leaf and the hummingbird together make for a lucky talisman that are believed to get the wearer her lover. The hummingbird, despite being small, is bubbling with energy and passion that makes it so adorable.
Splendid hummingbird tattoo which has the avian sucking nectar from a large flower, symbolizing an indomitable and lively spirit.
This black and white tattoo on the shoulder is a representative of the fact that one must live one’s life with enthusiasm despite its small span.
The smallest bird is the symbol of celebration of life and appreciating every moment that comes with it.

The girl got this hummingbird as a gift to her mother on mother’s day which is looking quite sweet.
Keep your goal in sight, this is the message coming from the leg tattoo that shows the hummingbird moving towards a flower. Colorful and creative hummingbird tattoo, carved on the upper back, that has an ornate and pretty look. The hummingbird is a pretty tattoo piece that symbolizes love and charm, also worn as a talisman to win the love of one’s crush. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.
The white or Indian jasmine symbolically means sensuality, amiability, attachment and modesty. Besides this, the avian possesses fabulous flying skills and can give the strongest of birds a tough fight when it comes to displaying multiple flying styles. Most importantly, the jasmine lowers symbolizes love, especially in the Hindu community, the kind of love that flourish even in the absence of the partner. Each bird has got a different meaning due to the traits it possesses and worn by the people for its symbolic significance.
Women prefer the feminine and delicate jasmine designs because they are not only beautiful, but they also hold a strong symbolic significance. Yellow jasmine symbolizes grace and elegance, in Thailand it represents love for the family and children. Apart from this the bird tattoos also display a charming and aesthetic look that makes them a favorite of the fairer sex.
The word “Jasmine” was originally borrowed from an Arabic word “yasmin” meaning “a gift from God.” If you have smelt the powerful scented Jasmine flower scent, then you understand why this design would be chosen by many. The hummingbird tattoo is one tattoo that has got profound symbolic meaning as well as a graceful look that creates a charming body art on the small skin space. Jasmine flower tattoos are available for your stomach, ankles, wrists, backs, arms, shoulders, etc.

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