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Everybody has problems with jealousy over somebody or something at SOME time in their life. While it may be true that God has put you together with someone, and you have a very special relationship of love together, it is certainly not right–nor loving–to insist that they find total satisfaction of heart, soul and emotional needs in YOU ALONE!
We get jealous when we feel that we're not being shown the love and consideration and attention that we think we DESERVE! The selfish believe they deserve more than others, therefore they're unwilling to share.
Internet censorship will end FREEDOM OF SPEECH World we see is make-believe, top British scientist says Busting Posse Comitatus: Military Cops Arrest Civilians In Florida City! Jealousy is a universal problem, and to be jealous is a natural part of Man's sinful nature.

If you give heed to such lies, soon every little thing done by the one you're jealous of will take on a meaning which was never intended at all! When we're selfishly thinking of only our own personal happiness and frustrated desires, it causes us to complain. Jealousy in the sense that we want to selfishly possess and keep our loved ones completely and exclusively to ourselves is NOT a virtue, according to the Word of God! Jealousy is ROTTENNESS and is bad for not only our MENTAL and EMOTIONAL state, but, as science has proven, strong negative emotions are even bad for our PHYSICAL state of health!
You're likely to find yourself getting insanely jealous even over small, imaginary things to the point that your loved one can hardly do ANYTHING to suit you! All true Christians, the Bible says, are married to JESUS (Romans 7:4), therefore we and our loved ones owe our FIRST loyalty, love and devotion to HIM.

If you YIELD to this type of jealousy and fear, the Devil will play up your fears, tell you all kinds of lies and get you totally obsessed and make every tiny matter a major incident. Most of the time, jealousy EXAGGERATES things so much that they seem much worse than they really are, to the point where insanely jealous people get jealous if someone even LOOKS at their partner!
I should have it ALL!" This is a very real problem, because it is the inborn, sinful nature of Man to be selfish and try to keep what we think is ours strictly to ourselves, when REALLY, as a Christian, all we have belongs to JESUS. Our relationship with the Lord must take precedence over any human relationship or marital bonds.

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