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Kanji tattoos have become very popular because they are subtle, yet powerful not to mention their elegant look. Sagittarius Tattoo Placement ideas – on your ankle, on your lower back, on your back, behind your ear, on your chest, on your forearm, on your finger, on your neck, etc. If you are looking to make a statement with a tattoo, you might want to look into a kanji tattoo design. Kanji is the Japanese character style in which Chinese characters are used to symbolize Japanese words.
Some choose to get a Kanji tattoo because they are of Japanese or Chinese descent, and want to diplay some of their culture.

Some of the most popular phrases to get as a Kanji tattoo are love, luck, peace, faith, happiness, loyalty, serenity, strength, and determination.
Kanji is one of the oldest writing styles in Japan, and the characters make for some great Kanji tattoo designs. If you are seriously considering getting a tattoo, we suggest you take a look at a site such as Chopper Tattoo. In 1991, a 5,000 year-old frozen man named Otzi, was discovered and scientists found a total of 57 different tattoos on his well preserved body. Some people also get related tattoos with a sagittarius tattoo, such as: capricorn, horse, kanji, libra, leo, snake, scorpion, etc.

From what I can tell, most sagittarius tattoos are done by people who are sagittarius, but also by people who are interested in the meanings of this tattoo. People associate the sagittarius with many other tattoos, but in my opinion this are the most important. You should know by know that this tattoo is represented by a centaur – this is a legendary creature with legs from a horse, yet the rest of the body in a human form.

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