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A tattoo allows your body to undergo a process of modification, allowing you to get a design on any of your body part which remains forever or temporarily according to your choice. The art of tattooing has now been practiced for many centuries in many cultures throughout the world.
Tattoo designs mostly consist of a figure or text which holds a special meaning in your life.
Many people also have different tattoos on their bodies as an identification of a group or anything like that.

The history of tattoos is quite old, ranging back to the times of Japanese and Chinese rule.
However, many people also get any tattoo design that they like, even if they do not have any special significance to them, although they might then regret this decision in later part of their life if these are permanent. Now, this delicate art has been passed on to many people who get tattoos for their lifetimes. Many people, especially Chinese have tattoos of several mythical creatures such as dragons, signifying their faith in them.

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