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He turned down the Mark Wahlberg role in Boogie Nights, choosing instead to act in Titanic, opposite Kate Winslet. Over the next year, DiCaprio made headlines by getting into a fist fight with two men accompanying actress Elizabeth Berkley, after she reportedly rebuffed his advances. In 1995, DiCaprio and several members of his Pussy Posse, including Maguire, Kevin Connolly, and Amber Benson, worked in what they later called an "acting exercise" for a would-be director named R. Also in 1995, young DiCaprio starred in Total Eclipse, as the tortured gay poet Arthur Rimbaud, seducing fellow poet Paul Verlaine (played by David Thewlis). His father was a well-known figure in the Los Angeles hippie scene and a distributor of underground comic books, who frequently brought home guests like Robert Crumb and Charles Bukowski. He made dozens of TV commercials, and in one of his first "movie" roles, he narced on his on-screen parents in an educational film titled How to Deal With a Parent Who Takes Drugs. He started collecting positive reviews with This Boy's Life, with Robert De Niro as his viciously abusive stepfather.
The film sank when it was first released, but videos sold briskly in after the success of Titanic, mostly because one scene exposes DiCaprio's full-frontal 21-year-old manhood.
In 2000, he interviewed President Bill Clinton on environmental issues for ABC News, but genuine journalists at ABC and elsewhere were not amused at having such a choice assignment go to a movie star. When NBC turned the Steve Martin movie Parenthood into a sitcom, 15-year-old DiCaprio played the a brooding teenager, the Joaquin Phoenix role in the movie. DiCaprio was nominated for an Academy Award for playing Johnny Depp's retarded kid brother in What's Eating Gilbert Grape.

In the Hollywood fame factory, DiCaprio became simply "Leo." His posters sold millions, his every hiccup made news, and this wasn't just an American phenomenon, it was world-wide. Post-Titanic, DiCaprio has played twins in Alexandre Dumas pere's The Man in the Iron Mask, and turned in a self-referential cameo in Woody Allen's Celebrity. The network's news chief David Westin subsequently apologized, promising that in the future, "all roles of journalist must be played by journalists". HD Wallpaper and background images in the Leo (VIXX) club tagged: photo leo voodoo era vixx. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Leonardo DiCaprio club tagged: leonardo dicaprio leonardo leo dicaprio.
DiCaprio entered show business at about the same time he entered kindergarten, appearing on Romper Room. Parenthood was quickly canceled, and DiCaprio joined the long-running Growing Pains in its last season, as a homeless waif taken in by the TV family. In Afghanistan, DiCaprio's haircut from Titanic became popular among rebellious boys, and was outlawed by the Taliban. The case was settled almost immediately, with Playgirl paying DiCaprio an undisclosed amount. With cameras rolling in a Los Angeles diner, with a minimal script and maximal improvising, the actors interacted -- which largely amounted to crude jokes, hitting on women, and talking about sex.
His subsequent choices have included three films for Martin Scorsese, Gangs of New York with Daniel Day-Lewis, The Aviator as Howard Hughes, and The Departed with Jack Nicholson.

At his audition for Parenthood, DiCaprio met another unknown teenaged actor, Tobey Maguire, and the two hit it off. Instead he played a cocky gunslinger in The Quick and the Dead, and became a Tiger Beat teen heartthrob with Jim Carroll's The Basketball Diaries in 1995.
The friendship eventually evolved into what DiCaprio has called his "Pussy Posse", a small circle of buddies (including magician David Blaine, rapper Q-Tip, actor Lukas Haas, and Gummo director Harmony Korine) who hung out together chasing skirt and drinking beer. Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet, with Claire Danes, capitalized on DiCaprio's sex symbol status.
After the success of Titanic, Robb edited the footage into a low-budget film called Don's Plum (named for the restaurant where it took place). DiCaprio and Maguire sued, alleging that their reputations would be hurt if an actors' workshop were released and reviewed as if it were an actual film.
In the settlement, Robb agreed that the "film" would never be screened or released in the U.S.

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