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In the realm of tattoo design, most people prefer to have the crown as the dominant figure of the tattoo. The Leo tattoos that are presented in this site are sure to suit all tastes and preferences. Some will ink on the shoulder, chest, upper arm, leg, back of neck, lower back, or next to the navel. A common image used for this style is the Imperial crown, which may be flat or dome-shaped. Among these is the crown of thorns, which may be coiled around the arm or the sacred heart. Ruled by none other than the majestic sun, the sign of Leo is associated with royalty and leadership.

Though you yourself are royalty in many ways, sporting a crown tattoos are the best method to flaunt your inner rajah.
Another design is the crown of life which stands for a faith that is unwavering even in the most trying times.
Another design is the tiara, which is also well encrusted with bluish-green gems, but comes in a smaller size.  The design elements usually incorporated in this tattoo are inscriptions of names or quotes which are valuable to the wearer. Other ideas include a European crown that is bathed in light and a Christian cross capped with whatever sort of crown. Perhaps the most interesting design under the religious motif is that depicting the Christian crowns—life, victory, righteousness, and soul winner. They are also very attention-seeking and love to be the life of any party or social gathering.

These crowns come in different hues, and the overall design usually has Bible quotes incorporated in it. People born under this sign often love to sport zodiac tattoos that highlight their regal temperament.
Leo tattoos come in a variety of designs that range from full-bodied figure of a lion to the head of a lion. Some of the popular styles of Leo tattoos include Celtic Leo tattoos, tribal Leo tattoos, Leo Sun tattoos, Leo ambigram tattoos, lion with crown tattoo, lion with cub tattoo, lion with flowers tattoo, Leo anklet tattoo and fiery lion tattoo.

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