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Violent Lips ($15 for three) are a new brand of lip appliques designed to make your lips look like a rainbow, leopard print, and even polka dots. Stylinfab, I got so psyched when I saw the rainbow appliques; I'm going to wear those, my best feather lashes, and turquoise foiled eye shadow for Pride.
My personal favourite at the moment are the Pink Fishnets because they seem to go with so many of my outfits! It would be great if they made a less expensive version of these in "normal" colors so that you could go out with a pretty, bright lip shade without worrying about reapplication or transference. Well, that and my Rainbow Brite costume :)Valpapa, we were just talking about that this morning. I attend the Gay Pride parade every year and the rainbow lips would be great this year instead of a rainbow outfit.

Plus, Violent Lips promise to last for hours, and you can even eat and drink while wearing them.
Plus they're a little bit cheeky ;) you definitely need to try them on a night out as well as for Pride, I wear them pretty frequently and they always last me until I go home, which is closer to dawn than it is to dusk! Oh and I'm going to see Hey Monday and This Providence on the Let's Make A Mess tour July 17 if things go as planned.
I think they look cute on, but I also have a few warnings, and some application tips, so be sure to check out the gallery to see how it's done.
I was nervous as hell but there is nothing I could really do to make the butterflies in my stomach go away.
I was being dragged by my best friend Lisa to go to a party, one I knew Jason and his friends would be at.

You are good entertaining yourself, and other people find you hilarious.You're the type of person who finds staying happy easy. I guess I had fallen asleep cause the next thing I remember is jason waking me up as the plane was landing. We walked towards the parking lot when I spotted a man in a black suit holding up a sign that said, Lunch Box Letters. I wasn't really listening to anything that guy was saying, he had the type of voice that made you want to zone out.

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