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Atlanta Boston Calgary Chicago Dallas Denver London Los Angeles Minneapolis Montreal New York Portland San Francisco Seattle Toronto Vancouver Washington D.C. Full back tattoos are always a sight to see, but some full back tattoos are awe inspiring and are true pieces of art. This full back portrait of a reflective, lovely young woman, along with the falling cherry blossoms looks like an impressionist painting. A Celtic cross is always a lovely idea for a tattoo, but this full back tattoo design with angel wings, the sky, and skulls really takes the cake. Demon tattoos are eye catching when done well, and especially when they cover a large area of the body, like the full back!
Some people decide to get their spirit animal for a tattoo, but this tattoo enthusiast decided to get multiple spirit animals on them, including a tiger, snake and an eagle. This gnarled tree looks so amazing in an almost post-apocalyptic landscape on this tattoo wearer's back. Polka trash tattoos can be amazing when done right, and this full back polka trash tattoo is one of those amazing tattoos!
This pensive guardian angel above the clock of time is so sculptural and beautiful, there are almost no words to describe its beauty. The line work and shading in this full back tattoo may be the most beautiful of all on this amazing list. MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The sound and scent of skin getting freshly inked will be in the air at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Minneapolis this weekend.

The Minneapolis Tattoo Arts Convention will be holding court there, as throngs of tattoo artists, vendors, enthusiasts and willing human canvasses alike all descend on the city.
Also on hand to provide a freakier form of entertainment will be The Enigma and Serana Rose, both of whom know how to hang a picture from the inside of their noses. Jason Walstrom, Sea Wolf Tattoo Company (Minneapolis): Styles come and go in tattooing as with many things in popular culture. What do you think accounts for the huge surge in tattoos’ popularity in recent years?
Hoogland: I think the TV shows have helped dismiss a lot of public uncertainty, though most of my clients come from referrals or the customer researching artists on the Internet. Rutledge: Both tattoo machines and tattoo pigments have come such a long way even over the last 20 years. Hoogland: I think reputable artists sharing information has been huge in making everyone better as a whole. If you could work on any celebrity, who would you choose and what would you tattoo on them? Look at the way the color looks as if it is reflected by light and the movement of the woman seems to be flowing. He looks strong and stoic, with the Japanese background and a bit of red to make him truly pop. Currently I cannot pin point a specific trend in tattooing, but what I personally am most excited about is the resurgence of a more classic, refined traditional look that tattooing had in the beginning of its history in western culture.

Paul): I believe the trend of vibrant, bright, rich and exciting work is what people are looking for today.
It definitely has opened everyone’s eyes to the true art and reasons behind each tattoo. The thing I’m most excited about are the advances in tattoo machine technology, allowing them to be lighter in weight, smoother operating, as well as safer to use. It seems like celebrities have the worst looking tattoos, so some cover ups may be in order. Whether or not this is a narrative from the tattoo wearer's actual life remains unknown, but it makes for a really cool story tattoo. Folky, Americana, and Patriotic designs taken from early wartime tattoo flash and given a fresh, cleaned up look.
The ribs, stomach, behind the knees, the upper underarm are some of the more painful areas.
The iconography with traditional tattooing has changed quite a bit over the years, but the methods of bold lines, bright colors, and heavy black shading is still the same. Carnation flower are very popular as corsages, bouquets, and in a wide range of floral arrangements.

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