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The Long-Spine or Long-Spined Porcupine Fish (also called the Spiny Balloonfish) is found in much of the world's oceans.
These are 3 things that go hand in hand with each other, as well as with traditional core training and in my opinion they’re probably the 3 most overlooked aspects of core training among athletes and regular gym-goers.
Why is this the first image that pops up when I google “packed neck position”??

It is part of the spine and has an important impact on inner core function.  This is something I feel like too many coaches would say “why the hell does it matter?
The artwork may also be licensed for commercial use such as advertising, packaging, displays and other printed materials. The reproduction of this original pen and ink drawing is done on high quality acid-free archival paper.

The fish is well-known for it's strange ability to make itself very large by swallowing air and water when threatened.

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