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Jose Lopez is one of our favourite tattoo artists on the planet and a man we would love to collect some ink from. Jose tattoos out of his shop Lowrider Tattoos in California which also houses some the best tattooers in the game. All content is Copyright 2016 Action Recon and cannot be reproduced without prior written permission. Lowrider tattoo studios is based in California is know for their black and grey fine line style, developed from the streets and prisons. Uma maquina de tatuagem e um dispositivo de combinacao eletronicos e mecanicos utilizado (com agulhas e tinta) para colocar a arte do corpo permanente sobre uma pele de pessoas. He is a true master of the black and grey style and has brought so many incredible pieces of art to life on the skin of thousands of people all over the world.

You know when you have guys like Jun Cha working at your shop you are doing something right! When Jose was confined to a wheel chair only a few years later, he decided to use his time wisely and pick up an pencil and start drawing. Artist, Jose Lopez has been tattooing for over 17 years has mastered this technique as you’ll see in his portfolio. From portraits, to East LA culture, to wildlife, to religious iconography and things as simple as skulls, Jose Lopez leaves a mark more beautiful than most.
It seems the otherwise tragic incident that cost him the use of his legs also happened to unearth an incredible talent in him as well. Lowrider currently has 3 studios through out the state and has achieved world wide recognition by winning over 150 awards across the globe.

The first, called the "Jose Lopez (signature tee)," is available now at Sullen's online store here. Soon Jose picked up the tattoo gun and forged his way into the industry and has now risen to be one of the best and most well respected. See MoreSee LessArtist Christian Faur stacks thousands of crayons to form beautifully pixelated portraits. We have provided a link to Lowrider Tattoo Shop for those looking to get more informed or have work done by Jose Lopez.

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