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FX Tattoos are temporary tattoos that help spice up your costume with a little bit of gore. Totally wrapping a few of these around my junk, then going as John Wayne Bobbitt - OH NO SHE DID NOT!!!!!!!! I'm gonna put them on my hands and feet, along with a raptor mask, and dress up like a certain Jew while dragging to large 2X4s nailed together. More than likely I'll just get drunk at some party and end up scaring the shit out of myself in a mirror at some point while trying to find my bed. NOTE: These tattoos are NOT recommended to be applied directly to or within two inches of genetalia.
All my office mates would freak, I'll respond that I've been attacked by drunk zombie pirate robots. To make a fake tattoo or a fake tattoo sleeve, you just need to either free hand a custom design yourself and print it out on regular paper or you can just find an image online that you like and print it out.
For more creative ideas using Ink Effects, hop on over to the DecoArt Facebook page where they’re sharing a bunch of fun ways to use it.

This is so awesome- I’ve seen these in stores and I’ve never thought about making them! But don't think you can get away just wearing a few and calling it your costume, cause that's weak as hell AND YOU WON'T GET ANY CANDY.
It’s a new craft paint ink that allows you to basically create your own fabric design, using a special paint transfer method. The neat thing is that you can blend colors together if you’d like, creating your own custom design.
If you would like to use them on cotton, you just need to prep the cotton first with this special spray. Another thing to remember is that with a thin nude nylon, you could just put it on inside out rather than reversing the image. If you want some designs that are a little different or more detailed than some of the free clip art out there, check out urbanthreads they have machine embroidery designs but all are also available as stock art & hand embroidery. You're welcome to link to this site or use a single image and brief description to link back to any post.

You can paint any design on any piece of paper (coloring pages, even copy paper) and using an iron, you transfer your painted design to fabric. Remember if it’s text, you will need to be able to reverse the image so that when you iron it on, it reads the right way. They showed how to do something similar to this a while back with just markers on the nylons. When you iron, you can make the image transfer lighter or darker depending on how long your keep the iron moving on top of the paper of your design.

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