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A selection of bridal makeup artist is now an important matter of Pakistani wedding planning. But of course a bad choice can wipe out all your dreams and spoil your life time memories as a Bridal makeup does not only affect your looks but it has a relation with your confidence and personality.
Most of the brides just focus on the wedding dress without knowing the fact that the wedding dress only looks good when you have an amazing makeover.
So it’s 2013, and the fight for a more realistic looking Barbie doll has ended in a bit of a stalemate. The second barbie is no less than a size 14 and is overweight for sure, just because the average is fat doesn’t make her skinny. I don’t think the second Barbie is OVERweight but i agree that she is larger than the average 19 year old wants to be and often is. Though it hardly matters, I am currently above my ideal weight, but still slightly smaller than the average American woman. If i had said “and now ill get a comment from a snarky bitter fat girl” would you have stfu instead? Lamm’s Barbie makes the original Barbie look like a monster with her giant head and spindly neck. I wish Barbie could get the body thing right, because the dolls have the potential to be really pro-woman. I guess they just need as someone else mentioned below, to have some friends or family in a different shape, but keep Barbie as she is. I personally would like to see more variety in barbies as well, not just minority barbies but a variety of face shapes and Caucasian skin and hair colors as well. But you knew that, you just hope when you say retarded dishonest bullshit, no one realizes thats what it is and lets it go.
First, I am back here a year later because I got an upvote and was refreshing my memory what this was all about. Technically not worth my time, but you did accuse me of dishonesty, when I was as genuine as can be, so, there. You make an interesting point that may help with understanding how Barbie contributes to the unrealistic body image problem. Basically, a pencil skirt actually looks fine on me IF and only IF it is made for hips that are slightly over twelve inches wider than the waist. Boy when I was growing up that Wolverine action figure had ridiculous arms and unbelievably wide shoulders.
You are not the only one to be shocked at that measurement being average for women so young. I love the fact that Lamm created a full figured Barbie she is now realistic with all the thin is beautiful crap on tv now a days its nice to see a Barbie with a real body I grow up with the old Barbie and it just made me and my friends want to look just like her we always talked about making ourselves look just like her by any means necessary they are still trying I gave up now my focus is to show my daughter she don’t have to look like Barbie to be beautiful and sexy that she is already both just the way she is so I agree there should be more plus size Barbies. Or maybe I’m making the point that celebrating average-ness is a little bit ridiculous unless we are, as a species, at a stage of unparalleled self-satisfaction. The realistic one is obviously cuter than the original barbie, but it’s all kind of a false premise. OMG, just go ahead and scream that this was ALL Brad’s doing and why can’t he let it go and why does he have to throw so many pity parties and it’s so crazy that People Magazine gave him a “Five Years After Jennifer” cover. This Jean Black person also threw shade at Brad’s dad too, specifically saying that the Mr. Of course, the tabloid prism will make Brad the fall guy for the makeup artist’s presumptuousness.
However, I doubt any of them actually give each other much of a thought anymore and this is all just gossip fodder kept alive by the media and fans. Jennifer is an extremely savvy business woman and can do whatever she likes because she’s so freaking rich from her investments. It would be kind of funny if they were bffs – at the awards shows they sneak off and smoke a dube in the arias. Totally, she babysat them while Brad was taking care of Angelina in hospital having her mastectomy. Amanda every interview that Jennifer has done always talks about how she is the happiest she has ever been. But with pictures with Angelina, I always want to see her first and see what she’s wearing. He was younger by 10-15 years in the anniston pics so it stands to reason that he looked better And of course one looks at brad in pics with anniston he is much prettier than anniston, but even he isnt prettier than jolie. People always say he looked better back then, well hell, I looked better a decade ago too (lol). Forgetting the homeless looking beard he was rocking with Aniston for a ruff 2yrs of their marriage, are we? Not to throw shade at Jennifer Aniston, but his life is so much different now with Angelina. For those who do not know HOW to change nor realize that they SHOULD CHANGE (Aniston and the JENHENS), this message will surely get lost in translation.
You have dismissed ALL of the FACTS, and DIRECT QUOTES from Aniston and Brad during their chid-free marriage.
If a man marries you, but wishes to leave you shortly after the marriage begins (only 4 years- certainly NOT a lifetime), NOT work it out with you in his life and never return… were you the love of his life?

Aniston settled for a TROPHY HUSBAND, a spouse who would not commit to much of anything with her. TODAY, Brad is happy, invested in his time, life, career, devotion, and deep love for Angie.
Aniston makes lousy choices LATE in life, (men, movie roles, interview topics, scripts, etc.). She is 44 years old and behaves like a woman-child to the point that her friends (Sandler, Handler, Bateman, Cox, etc.) have felt or feel the need to defend her or state what she is not able to say on her own. If you are human like the rest of us, tell us how you look ten or more years later and middle aged, so silly as if Brad Pitt is some kind of sub-human Brad Pitt is still one of the best looking men in Hollywodd if not the best looking. He already had the basic cut I guess, but it wasn’t nearly as blond and he was styling it entirely differently. BTW I remember all this crap because it was practically a drinking game for me and my gossip obsessed roommates in the 90′s. If it has, count the number of days left until you can prepare yourself to look the best on the big day. Numerous studies have been released showing that Barbie does, in fact, make girls as young as five wish they were thinner, and numerous more developmentally healthy options abound.
The latest iteration of this comes from artist Nickolay Lamm, who used 3D printing technology to create a Barbie doll with the same proportions as the average 19-year-old girl. The second barbie looks a healthy weight but because of the way models and other people we see with other body types look we think that it is overweight when it is just normal. First, our natural impulse is not to give our kids toys that imply it’s a good thing to be obese.
My huge collection of Barbies was really helpful in building my imagination and in learning about new careers and cultures. Today, video games have placed imagination with programmed agendas where death is glorified. Since fabric appears to be so much thicker on a small scale, Barbie was designed so that, when fully clothed, she appeared to have measurements of 38-26-34. Maybe girls’ negative body image comes from all the fat and sugar they eat and not Barbie? But, of course, how can somebody talk about making new, more helpful toys for kids when there are, for example, starving children in Africa?
O’Neil character in Tree of Life was like Bill Pitt, which was kinda messed up, given that Brad explained in the article that his father changed jobs because he recognized that being there for his family was more important than the demands of the job. Can you imagine if 10 years after your divorce ALL anyone could ever talk about was one of your exes?
We get it Brad, your life sucked while you were with Jen and now with Angie it’s everything you wanted and more.
It always comes back to Jennifer Aniston one way or another, because there are a few people who are obsessed with these particular rich white smug people as a traignle, and who think if you say something positive about one, you must be thinking something negative about another, and vice versa. Personally I think that he choose to look that way bearded and all so that people would stop concentrating on his looks and see that the person beneath is more than just a good looking face. Then GOOP got her Sliding Doors haircut and dye job, and Brad immediately ran out an got a full head of matching highlights and started flat-ironing and severe side-parting so they could be twinsies.
Granted, I grew up in a household where my parents encouraged not only blond Barbie, but her black counterpart, as well as the Barbies of the world collection and loads of different Barbie career dolls. If Mattel were to change Barbie, chances are that sales would drop and the line would be eventually discontinued. It would be more helpful to also see side-by-side pictures comparing them in a dress and casual slacks. As for your question – the 60s just had a different set of beauty standards, which was just as actively pushed onto women back then as its modern counterpart is now. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Speaking with Esquire, Black sheds new light on Pitt’s legendary meeting with Angelina Jolie on the 2004 set of Mr. Now, he’s jet setting and raising lots of kids, doing charity work, and involved in a lot more than things than just acting and hanging out on the beach.
That was as far as I got with your post, because you obviously have a problem with reading comprehension. I find it hilarious to read the hysterical posts one way or the other where St Angie and Stoner Jen duel forever over the pretty boy. It was fun when he was with Jennifer in the early 2000′s because she tried a few different things and we got boho Brad, Ken doll Brad and biker Brad in quick succession, but the best will always be the haircut and dye job Brad got to match GOOP. That one picture where they look like freaky clones is everywhere, but for as long as she stuck with that haircut, however she styled it Brad copied it.
Every bride wants her big day to be perfect in every way, be it the decorations, the dress, makeup, jewelry, shoes, dinner, photography, the guests and what not. She’s still conventionally attractive, she just looks more like a real person and less like a spindly, pointy-toed nightmare creature.
If girls have two choices—an athletic teen doll and an obese teen doll—which do you think they will pick?
And I liked making and re-purposing clothes for my dolls, which helped me learn some pretty helpful mending skills.

We real women need clothes made for our bodies but fashion designers don’t like to do that. Then I was watching some old interviews with her (Angelina) and she was so much more engaging in the past.
Point is, I have very fond memories of Barbie, and it makes me sad that Mattel won’t give on this single issue, which would help make Barbie better. It is far better that girls have experiences like you did, rather than get bored with dolls and get enticed into playing video games all day.
Although, we are seeing many brides paying to get their face madeup, but seriously many Naija brides don’t pay much attention to finding a professional, while some still end up with amateurs even when they tried to find a skilled Nigerian bridal makeup artist. So, how do you know the i-wan-be-makeup-artist types from the real deal, and avoid being used as a makeup practical by a learner who is looking for fast chop-money? All these posters wanting to say that he loves AJ more, maybe might want to consider, that he loves her differently. When they first got together he was still very Midwestern, but before long he was doing the 90′s minimalism thing with her.
She stuck with her Calvin Klein phase for years after they broke-up, and Brad moved onto Jennifer and started fake-tanning and living in cargo pants. So, where do you start looking when you don’t know a single makeup artist in an area. Testing with your money could mean a hit or miss BUT the surefire way to know is to see pictures of their before and after makeovers. You may also want to find out that they won’t over-paint you to look like a masquerade. Your aso-oke wrapper (silver) = his agbada AND cap (cap may or may not have the green (embroidery). OR you may decide to have him rock only 1 colour for his entire trad attire = the colour of your lace top (PEACH); in that case his cap would be the colour of your wrapper.
Venues always look elegant in Neutral (white or cream) AND A touch of Green (that your embroidery colour) + white OR cream. I hope those tips would inspire you – just feel free to change up these suggestions to suit you.
I’m happy to know that the above article has made you confident on choosing a good makeup artist. I feel you – everyone, especially brides on their wedding day, likes to have an experienced makeup artist do their makeup.
But when everyone flaunts themselves as experts, it can be difficult for brides to know who is the real deal – that was why we wrote this article. I agree that new and good makeup artists are likely to satisfy their clients, in order to win them back and also increase their customer-base. I suggest that you talk to this Aso-ebi seller (Temitope) – contact her on Facebook and tell her that NaijaGlamWedding pointed you to her (click here to go to her FB page). At this stage, they are more or less concerned more with breaking into the industry than just making somr few bucks here and there. Whereas a household name is already balanced in the business and is therefore prepared to make money. At this moment, the new bee will go with anything you want and work with u to achieve that.
They can afford to book you in between days for practice sessions before your D day assuming you stay in same city.Lastly, you get to meet with the main person. I also believe that even among the popular MUAs, some are not even that good, but were just lucky. Yet to fix the date for my wedding but like Eka I’ve picked my colours to be turquoise,orange and purple. What do you think about the combo and how can I rock it for both traditional and white wedding? Just like the tips I gave to Eka (in the comments), you need to define how to use your colours between your traditional and white wedding.
I’m a big fan of keeping colour combos simple, and so suggest choosing two of those colors as your main color combination and then adding a touch of the third. FOR EXAMPLE: you can use turquoise + orange OR purple + orange as your main wedding colour scheme, and then make turquoise your accents.
You may want to use one set of main colour scheme for the white wedding (bridesmaid + maid of honour dress, etc) and use the other as a main colour for the traditional (aso-ebi and Gele or men’s Cap). That’s just my contribution, but feel free to style your wedding colours as your creativity leads you.
You’ve started out well, to have picked your wedding colour scheme, which sets the tone and ambiance of a wedding. You just have to think of how to infuse the colours into your main wedding (trad and white) elements. Hopefully, those ideas can make you start thinking up even better ways of infusing your wedding colour scheme into different elements of your big day. Start here for expert wedding planner tips and tools to fast-track planning a perfect celebration hassle-free!

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