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Following on from our post on designing a tattoo for a character, here’s a look at the various ways to apply temporary tattoos for a film or television production and some of the makeup products used.
Some stencils come with a cosmetic-grade adhesive on the back which sticks the stencil to the skin, leaving both hands free to apply makeup.
Some transfers are in full colour, others are just in black, which can be left as is or coloured in freehand with tattoo makeup colours. Only use professional tattoos designed for use on skin, as unregulated products can be made from toxic dyes that cause reactions like blistering and rashes. Transfer paper is a specialist paper that can be used in most printers, allowing the freedom to print any design and to have spares ready printed for use later.
Professional makeup products to create tattoos have a high pigment content, come in the colours used in real tattoos, are designed to last and withstand various conditions, like heat, sweat and water. Liquid makeup: Ready to use, the liquid products can be use in an airbrush or by hand using a brush or sponge. Tattoo pens: Pens are great for creating freehand tattoos, for colouring in a stencil or outlining. Gather all items needed to create your tattoo, set everything out and wash your hands before you start.
Excessive hair can be a minor problem, so if your tattoo is going onto, say, a really hairy arm, you need to think about how you’re going to work with that.
With adhesive: Place the stencil onto clean, dry skin, and press it down gently, making sure it is completely flat to the skin. Whether you use a pre-made transfer or one that you have printed onto transfer paper, the application method can be slightly different.
Apply transfer to skin and press down, keeping it in position to prevent the tattoo shifting. Press a wet sponge or cloth to the back of the tattoo until the backing paper peels away – and the transfer is now on the skin. Place a piece of tracing paper over the design and carefully trace the design using a sharpened pencil. Clean the area of skin to be used with alcohol and let it dry completely before proceeding.
Place the tracing paper transfer face down onto the skin and press firmly, smoothing  from the middle to the edges to ensure a good template is made. Tattoo looks a bit shiny: simply dust the tattoo with translucent colourless powder and let it set for a few seconds before brushing the excess powder off. Fade tattoo to make it look older: press some translucent powder into the tattoo once dry, which helps softens the tattoo, making it look slightly faded.
Don’t use any lotions, oils or soap on the tattoo as this will damage it and even remove it completely.
You can shower, but don’t use any products on the tattoo area and pat dry afterwards. What a woman's eyebrows really reveal about her As Salman Rushdie's girlfriend shows, caterpillar eyebrows are back in vogue - revealing, says LIZ JONES, a fascinating truth about our changing times. Forget what the length of hemlines and the width of shoulder pads tell us about a woman's state of mind and her place in society, the real barometer is to be found in the thickness of our brows.
Bushy brows: Frida Kahol, left, started the trend forA  'caterpillar' eyebrows which was emulated by Mariel Hemingway in the 1980s, rightBrows grew thicker during wartime, when there was no time to spend hours drawing on one's face and peering into a magnifying mirror.
Overplucked: From left, Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo go for the startled look in the 1930s and Kate Moss revives the trend in the 90sThe Eighties power brow was killed stone dead in 1990, when Kate Moss appeared on the cover of style magazine The Face sporting scant, almost non-existent, little girl brows. Shapely: From left, Twiggy and Brigitte Bardot in the 60s and Anne Hathaway todayEYEBROW KNOW-HOWThere are countless methods to keep you brows in check. No regrets: Nilza Martins is delighted with her new eyebrows 'I started plucking my eyebrows when I was about 12.

Normally A4 in size, it consists of several layers e.g one for the printed design to go on, a paper backing and a glue sheet with the adhesive. Tattoo makeup come as solid dry colours (activated by alcohol), liquid colours (ready to use) and as tattoo pens. The colours are activated by IPA (isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol), which also helps the tattoo to last. Liquid tattoo colours include: Temptu Dura Liquid Tattoo, Skin Illustrator Tattoo Classics and Reel Creations Body Art. Without adhesive: Use a bit of medical tape around the outside edge of the stencil to stick it down and stop it slipping about, or use a stencil adhesive like Temptu Stencil Tac. You can also use the stencil to create an outline, then complete the colour after removing the stencil from the skin. There is usually a clear protective layer over the face of the tattoo which can be pealed off just before application. You can also create a template with a stencil or by using tracing paper – the design can then be completed freehand. Or cover the tattoo over with a waterproof dressing or a plastic bag – stick down using medical tape.
The current vogue is for very thick, very dark, elongated brows, reaching almost to the hairline, as seen this week on Pia Glenn, the statuesque U.S. Vogue), Jennifer Connolly, Kate Winslet, Madonna and Natalie Portman all have brows that are very thick, very straight and very defined.
The last time we saw brows as thick as the ones we're seeing now was back in the early Eighties, with actresses such as Brooke Shields and Mariel Hemingway sporting huge great caterpillars above a relatively unadorned face. As Britain teetered on the brink of recession, women again were about to be brushed aside: our brows were as thin as our waif-like bodies.
I wouldn't recommend the expensive and painful option of having your eyebrows tattooed - after doing just that with mine, first at Harrods, then at a private clinic, I resembled none other than Groucho Marx, although the brows have since faded to an unbecoming purple. Throughout my teens I groomed them into a thin line - fashionable at the time - and gradually, my eyebrows disappeared, as the hairs refused to grow back. Remember to print designs mirror image so that the design is the required way round on the skin! Products include: Skin Illustrator Horishi palette, Temptu Tattoo palette, Skin Illustrator Classic Tattoo pots, and Reel Creations Color Pots. Or, if you don’t want to do that, you have to use an application method that allows you to get in and around the hair. Obviously don’t use tape directly over the tattoo as the adhesive could lift the transfer. This trend started on the catwalks last autumn, with models sporting brows almost worthy of Frida Kahlo (the artist who looked as though two slugs were nestling above her lashes). The Brooke brow was a welcome departure from what we had seen in the Sixties and Seventies, when an overplucked arch was all the rage, suggesting women were happy to be treated like little girls. The amount of facial hair we have is dictated by the male hormone testosterone: big brows mean, simply, we want to show we mean business in the battle of the sexes. A far better option is to thicken your brows with dark brown powder (never black, which is far too harsh) in deft brush strokes; a pencil can look a little heavy-handed. I used to fill them in with an eyebrow pencil, but I hated it as it looked so unnatural - it was destroying my self-confidence. In the 1930s, the biggest stars, from Marlene Dietrich to Carole Lombard and Greta Garbo, all had a perfect, very fine arc painted on, quite high on the face, giving a permanently surprised expression. In the mid-to-late-Eighties, supermodels, from Christie Brinkley to Cindy Crawford, followed Brooke's example, sporting commendably bushy brows that gave out the clear signal that these women were not to be messed with.
THREADING - a technique which whips many hairs out at once from the follicle, using a twisted cotton thread, resulting in tidy lines and great for shaping.

The theory was that the woman's place was to be decorative and overgroomed, not in the workplace, which clearly was the realm of men. Well, I am optimistic that it means we are not about to take a recession lying down, and that we refuse to be pushed aside. By this time, I'd take hours doing my make-up, even just to pop down to the shops - drawing in my eyebrows with pencil, then getting frustrated, rubbing them off and starting again.
Ah, I can hear you asking, but what if my brows are weedy and over plucked, how can I get them to grow back? WAXING - available in salons, the wax is applied to unwanted hairs, covered with a strip then torn from the skin in one swift, and usually painful, movement. So, when I heard eyebrow transplants were being pioneered in the UK, I began looking at clinics.
Shaping kits, like Wax Away Brow Shapers (A?1.95), provide ready waxed strips for home use. Determined to copy the overplucked arc as seen on the iconic Biba fashion posters of model Sarah Moon in the Seventies (when women wanted to look ethereal and wan), several years ago I pulled out every last hair, and drew instead a very fine, wobbly line in Mary Quant pencil. PLUCKING - popular method but frequent over-plucking can destroy follicles and stop hairs growing back, leaving a patchy shape. Shavata Singh, who tendsA  to Liz Hurley's eyebrows, recommends plucking just a few stray hairs a day. First of all, you lie on your front, wearing a surgical gown, and are given a local anaesthetic before an inch-square strip of hair is taken from the back of your head. Shavata's eyebrow stencil kit (A?11.74) guides you to the celebrity 'star-brows' of choice. Try Barbara Daly for Tesco (A?3.30) or Trish McEvoy's hightech brow builder (A?26) which distributes fine nylon fibres on the brow, to mimic real hairs.
After a half hour break, you lie on your back and the surgeon makes up to 50 tiny incisions with a scalpel where the eyebrow should be. Weather forecaster Sian Lloyd had her eyebrows tattooed by Tracy Simpson at Natural Enhancements (0800 0272 140). Afterwards, I was told I mustn't wash my eyebrows for a fewdays, and to use an antiseptic spray daily.
Tie your hair up off your face and wipe the brow with a mild antiseptic solution (water with a little tea tree oil would be fine). Some hair comes away, but the hair follicles are deeply implanted and have already 'taken' by then and new hair starts to grow.
Apart from very stray hairs, don't pluck from the top edge of your brows as this will ruin their natural arc.
It took me about a month before I had my desired eyebrows, although the hairs were very short. Some people find it less painful to pull the skin taut with one hand before plucking out hairs with the other.
Now, after three months, they are absolutely extraordinary and you can't tell that I haven't always had these eyebrows. Removing hair from the back of the patient's head, surgeons can implant each follicle into your browline. Here, DIANA APPLEYARD speaks to Nilza Martins, 29, a PA from North London, who was one of the first women to have the treatment in the UK.

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