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Phelps’ was one of these little one-horse cotton plantations, and they all look alike. I went around and clumb over the back stile by the ash-hopper, and started for the kitchen. When I got half-way, first one hound and then another got up and went for me, and of course I stopped and faced them, and kept still. A nigger woman come tearing out of the kitchen with a rolling-pin in her hand, singing out, “Begone YOU Tige!

And behind the woman comes a little nigger girl and two little nigger boys without anything on but tow-linen shirts, and they hung on to their mother’s gown, and peeped out from behind her at me, bashful, the way they always do.
Now I was feeling pretty comfortable all down one side, and pretty uncomfortable all up the other. Flagler Reads Together, now celebrating its 10th year, encourages all of Flagler County to read the book simultaneously over the month, and participate in events surrounding Twain’s novel.
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