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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. StyleCAD Automarker System is by far, the fastest & most efficient auto-marker in the industry today. Real Time Fabric properties editing:- On getting trained, the physical properties of fabrics are easily edited by setting parameters and so can represent well each fabric. Exacta: cutting, grading, and marking for the garment and apparel industry is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance. Save fabric at production stage with the best efficient marker layouts, pay in hundreds and save thousands.
Editing fabric properties such as stretching, shearing, bending stiffness, damping, density and thickness allows simulation of various kinds of cloth materials to match the actual fabric drape. If you are in the market, looking for a truly professional Pattern CAD program, all our competitors fall short. Easy User Interface :- Unlike other 3D programs, it is very easy to learn to stitch, simulate and make corrections to the fit pattern and produce correct patterns while knowing the actual textures, logo placement, pattern placements on mannequins, stitch details etc. StyleCAD’s Automarker system allows the user to automatically nest a virtually unlimited number of pieces by using the powerful sectional marker feature. Accurate Fit results :- Users can measure the fit between the garment and avatar through various functions such as inside garment view, contact point check and garment pressure check. Selection of Pattern Making software should be a very thoughtful and selective decision, by virtue of which one can benefit in keeping check on company overheads, time, fabric resources. The system saves the 10 best nesting results as snapshots, allowing the user to compare results and view the progression of efficiency. Stable Simulation of Complex Designs :- StyleCAD-3D simulate well the various detail functions required for garment design such as tucks, shirring, pleats, gathers and ironing lines.

The system also allows up to 5 additional marker widths and this allows the user to select the best fabric width for a given order. Even after possessing a CAD software they are forced to follow the same lengthy and manual procedures of functioning, leaving them with no other option but just to watch their hard earned money & time getting wasted and resources lying futile, and worst of all finding themselves helpless to do anything about it. StyleCAD’s Automarker system also has many features that helps assist the operator in the autonesting process.
Associating with us, we assure best of after sales support, training and implementation till the time you achieve the easy flow of day to day tasks while acknowledging the benefits that you acquire with the use of our applications. For example, the operator may select the Partial Automarking feature to help combine the benefits of the user’s experience, as well as the computer’s processing power.
Animation :- CLO3D provide the environment to record animation and preset catwalk motion, and so you can easily import motion and make animation fashion show video in CLO3D. The user may also load the job queue with an unlimited number of jobs and leave the system unattended while the computer does all the work.
Plotted curve quality is simply outstanding and has earned praises from users all over the world.
Most curves are represented beautifully with just 2-4 curve points and the dragging behavior seems very natural to the user. Unlike some of the industry leading products, StyleCAD uses double precision floating point numbers internally to store data and the result is the most accuracy possible.
Typical time-consuming operations such as adding darts, curve blending, seams, manipulating seam corners and notches can be done in seconds. All these things combined make Pattern Xpert one of the most user friendly programs available. Pattern makers who are proficient in StyleCAD have told us that Pattern Xpert is truly the very first CAD program they felt they must have. Pattern Grading Software :-StyleCAD grading Software has all the advanced tools one would ever need.

Our benchmark tests against other leading products have shown that StyleCAD allows the users to save a very significant amount of time during grading. Once you enjoy the power of StyleCAD, you would not want to go back to the others, for sure. In V6, we kept everything that the users loved about in V5 and refined all the tools to make it even more powerful.
Expert users appreciate being able to grade patterns without taking their hands off the keyboard. Grading rules can be applied without having to pop up a data entry window that breaks the rhythm. There is no other area in production that can provide substantial cost savings as easily as fabric control. StyleCAD marker making system uses the most cutting-edge technology to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and increase productivity when creating markers. It also allows the user to use a wide array of automatic cutting machines for use with the system.
In addition, the user may quickly and easily set the cut direction and sequence control for pieces before cutting.
StyleCAD has introduced a system for creating markers that is unmatched in its cost saving benefits. With ease of use and efficiency in the creation of fabric-saving markers, Our Maker Making tools have uncompetitive edge over other software’s Marker Making system also includes fabric pattern matching control, which allows users to correctly create pieces using fabric that has plaids, stripes, and 5-point references. This is perfect for any industry that requires matching fabrics on various pieces to one another.

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