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One of the most popular images used for Canadian tattoos has to be that of the maple leaf, the national symbol of Canada. The maple tree itself is very much synonymous with all things Canadian not least because of the popularity of the leaf image itself. Hockey is a favourite pastime for many Canadians  – both watching the sport and participating in it – so unsurprisingly this is another popular theme often utilized for Canadian tattoos. Warvox, free Tattoos, Aztec, Inca, Mayan, Pre Hispanic, T Shirt Welcome to the warvox Gallery featuring the best pre hispanic tattoo designs. The world of tattooing has changed considerably in the past few decades however, while some trends have come and gone over the years there are certain types of body art that remain popular.
One of the most distinctive features of Zulu is the use of click consonants and while this feature is shared with several other languages of Southern Africa, it is almost entirely confined to this region. However, this is all irrelevant when the language is written down although it is worth noting that the pronunciation looks very different to the written word so this may resemble nonsense if you opt to use too much of this text for a Zulu tattoo. One of the most distinctive and visually stunning images I have seen used for a Zulu tattoo has to be that of the Zulu warrior depicted in all his glory.
About UsLive Once Ink was created to change the way people perceive tattoos and tattoo shops in Puerto Rico for the better! The red maple leaf is the focal point of the country’s national flag, which is also widely requested as body art for this kind of tattoo. In fact, the sap of the tree is used to produce the world renowned maple syrup which is popular with pancake lovers all around the globe however it is also used for medicinal purposes  and as abase to make dye.
The national hockey league logo has a maple leaf incorporated into the background of the design which is in white, red and black so this is a favourite tattoo for many ice hockey fans who want to express their love of the sport and for their nation.

Cultural themed designs have soared in popularity over the past few years and tribal artwork in particular remains a firm favourite around the globe however if you are interested in African culture or tribes in  particular you may be interested in finding out more about a Zulu tattoo. The Zulus are native to South Africa where they have lived for centuries and the language was originally spoken orally only and not recorded in any form. There are three articulations of clicks in Zulu, the first is comparable to a sucking of teeth, the second like a bottle top going ‘pop’ and the third similar to the click one may do to walk a horse.
Popular quotes associated with this language were used in the animated film the Lion King so these are often requested for body art of this kind accompanied by a related animal or similar themed image. These come in intricately detailed and multi-coloured designs complete with shield and spear and look fantastic as a large tattoo located somewhere like the back or rib cage. Stop by and visit us, even if you just want to look at the paintings or ask us some questions. This is a red flag with a white square in its centre with a stylized 11-pointed red maple leaf embossed on it.
The maple tree has always been a big part of the culture of Canada, playing a huge role in their maple syrup industry and their logging and wood industries.
The Canadian moose is another image that is popular with tattoo enthusiasts who want to pay homage to their country and this particular animal symbolizes one who is headstrong and unstoppable but also signifies longevity, value and integrity. However, with the arrival of Christian missionaries from Europe in the 19th Century this changed and the language was then recorded using the Latin alphabet.
Commonly requested phrases for inking of this nature include the likes of Siyonqoba which translates as ‘We will conquer,’ Busa leli zwe bo (Rule this land) and Busa ngothando bo (Rule with love).
This was adopted by the Canadian people in 1965 which marked the first time a national flag was officially adopted in Canada to replace the Union Flag.
It was therefore somewhat inevitable that the maple leaf naturally because an important symbol of the country.

This could be depicted as just a head, with its pale antlers standing out prominently amid the brown of its coat and could be illustrated in a realistic form or as a cartoon character.
This is a predominantly phonetic language with the vowels are lengthened on the penultimate syllable and the consonants varying in sound or tone depending on whether they are marked with a diaeresis. Some of these are illustrated in plain black ink, often in the style of tribal artwork and also make a stunning visual impact even on a smaller body part. The red maple leaf itself was the country’s unofficial national symbol since the early 18th century. As body art, the maple tree is rich in symbolism so as well as being an ideal image to represent Canadian tattoos it also symbolizes reserve and relaxation.
For a more alternative version of this particular design you may even consider having it inked in the style of tribal artwork to make it more unique and individual to you. In addition there are some very realistic Zulu face designs that work well on areas such as the upper arm or leg however make sure you find a skilled tattooist with the artistic talent to do this justice or it wont work. Wild animals that are native to South Africa such as the lion, tiger, zebra or rhino may also be used in conjunction with these images for a more elaborate design.

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