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Lips, particularly female, are used often as an image to represent erogenous and intimate activity, especially when pictured in a color or pattern associated with passion.
In pop culture, red lips, with a tongue, are iconic to the rock band The Rolling Stones and have been used as their logo for decades.
The image of lips can go beyond the sexual connections that are tied to the mouth, and serve as a representation of verbal discussion and communication.
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Red lips are usually meant to convey sex appeal and kissing especially when placed in an intimate area like on the hips, neck, abdomen, etc.
Large, red lips are also associated with the cult film The Rocky Horror Picture Show, a movie that created a flamboyant counter culture in the late 1970s.

The lips or lip print can be that of a wife, girlfriend or any other loved one to serve as a reminder of that connection.
Although mouthwashes are good for your oral health, chemicals in the mouthwash will make your tattoo ink disappear extremely fast.
This is particularly true when lips as rendered like a lipstick print mark, leaving the impression of a kiss.
Red lips are used in this way because of their immediate connection to erotic, sensual themes and the taboo nature of those themes. The red lips, usually with an open mouth, are a symbol of counterculture in this way, disregarding the norm. Sealed lips can also serve as a reminder to listen or think first before speaking, placing significance on the external factors that cause the internal to react.

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Limit soda and other acidic drinks like orange juice, as they burn and can make your lip tattoo ideas disappear.

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