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The Lord of the Rings is an epic story, a classic tale that defines how the many worlds within this one world are different, yet same. The Lord of the Rings was filmed in New Zealand, and it greatly affected the economy of this country for the better. The Lord of the Rings film series is a fairly long series; three movies of extraordinary durations indeed. The Fellowship of the Ring begins with the Shire, the happy Frodo Baggins, and the somehow-bored and old Bilbo Baggins. Hobbits have been living and farming in the four farthings of the Shire for many hundreds of years.
Aragorn: You said you would bind yourself to me, and forsaking immortal life of your people.
This movie ends when Frodo and Sam separate from the rest of the fellow members and make their way to Mount Doom along with the company of each other. The story of the Two Towers ends with the collapse of Isengard, the victory of Rohan, and a serious loss when it comes to the power of Sauron. In The Fellowship of the Ring, we heard Boromir say, "Gondor has no king, Gondor needs no king." And in this part, we see that the line of kings that was broken is rejoined with the rebuilding of the broken blade of Isildur's father, which had defeated Sauron back then. Saruman: You have fought many wars and slain many men, Theoden King, and made peace afterwards. After four years of the journey to destroy the ring of power, as the Baggins take the ship to leave Middle Earth, Sam (now married and a father), Merry, and Pippin carry on with their happy, merry, and joyful lives. This meme quote is so ridiculous sounding that it's hard to believe that it was actually said in a real live Oscar-winning movie.
This memorable quote took off as a meme, when it became the perfect button to anything to ever go off the rails on the internet. Okay, technically this is a botched translation of a quote, but it is so awesome and hilarious that it must be included.
Smosh is the home of the best funny videos, games, photos, memes, blogs and galleries online. If all that isn't enough, our friends are serving you free movies in HD for your viewing pleasure. No matter how well known the movie is or whether this is your first time hearing a quote or the tenth, it’s easy to be moved by a romantic quote from a movie. Andra Picincu is a professional freelance writer, psychologist, and Internet marketing consultant. In fact, their government also appointed a minister known as the 'Minister for The Lord of the Rings.' The magic of this trilogy gave honor, wealth, and prosperity to the nation of New Zealand.
The green, beautiful, scenic living of the people of Shire, the love for good food, family, and friends, all this makes us wonder, what happened to our world, and how did it become so gray?
Gandalf has been entertaining the Shire with his magnificent fireworks since time can tell.

Quite content to ignore and be ignored by the world of the big folk; middle earth being after all, full of strange creatures beyond count, hobbits must seem of little importance. While Gandalf the Grey was believed to be dead in the former movie, here he returns as 'Gandalf the White'. And in fact, they are so alike in voice and appearance, that they're often mistaken for Dwarf Men.
The Return of the King is about regaining the honor that was once lost, reuniting the allegiances that were once broken, and gathering the courage that was once shaken by fear of the enemy. We shall have peace, when you answer for the burning of the Westfold, and the children that lie dead there!
They had all set out to save the Shire, and in the end, it was saved along with the rest of the Middle Earth. It's nice to see those memorable quotes from our favorite movies get a second life on the internet.
Well, okay, he's pretty serious, but there's something magical when you take his serious warning about the perils the Fellowship will soon face and put an absurd spin on it.
Plus it's pretty hard to out-dumb Darth Vader's original quote when he finds out Padme has died, 'NOOOOOOOO!'.
See the funniest YouTube videos, pictures and images online or chat with Smosh readers in our online forums. Have you ever heard a certain quote from a movie be repeated time and time again, but never had any clue where it was from? The most romantic movie quotes have a way of transporting us back to the very moment when we first heard it on the big screen and hoped that someday, someone would say those very same words to us!
This Buzzle article contains a collection of some memorable quotes from 'The Lord of the Rings' movie series; quotes that not only inspire you, but also hold the power to change your life. However, as the movie proceeds further, we see how the forces of the enemy burned nature to produce metal; only the trees don't move and retaliate in the real world, or perhaps, there does lie an old forest somewhere in the middle earth? What we love about this series is how each character is given its due share of focus, unlike other movies where the protagonist takes all the limelight. However, this time, he finds out what was hidden under his very own sight―The One Ring. While Legolas, Gimli, and Aragorn set forth to rescue Merry and Pippin, the two hobbits manage to reach the Old Forest, and with the help of the Ent, called Treebeard, they play a crucial role in bringing down Isengard―one of the Two Towers, the other one being the one in Mordor, referred in the title of this movie. The coming of Merry and Pippin will be like the falling of small stones that starts an avalanche in the mountains. While in the beginning, his main purpose to follow the Ring-bearer was to take the ring away from him, in the end too, after a lot of confusions and dilemmas, he leads their way to the fires of Mount Doom with the intention to get them killed and take the ring for himself. We shall have peace, when the lives of the soldiers whose bodies were hewn even as they died against the gates of the Hornberg, are avenged!
A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day.

Way better than your nerd cousin, who still wears his Vote for Pedro shirt, randomly saying 'I love lamp' all the time. It was tumblr user Meguhime who first captioned a seductive pug with the quote, instantly creating meme greatness. This infographic not only answers that question, but gives you behind the scenes access to the story behind the film. From SEO article writing and blog writing to business writing, social networking and web content development, she can help you boost your website in search engines and provide the highest quality content to your visitors. While the ring-bearer, Frodo Baggins remains to be the chief character, his role has not overshadowed the emphasis of Samwise Gamgee, or the friendly union of Merry and Pippin.
This movie is about Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin's first journey away from home, going through Rivendell, Rohan, Gondor, Isengard, and Mordor, to Mount Doom where the ring must be destroyed before it reaches the hands of the enemy. A lot of stories build simultaneously: Gollum's conflict with Smeagol when it comes to helping Frodo and Sam reach the Black gates of Mordor, Merry and Pippin's role in convincing the Ents for a war, and Gandalf, Legolas, Aragorn, and Gimly's mission to save Rohan from the clutches of the evil. A life that both loved and hated the ring, for it was so 'precious' to him that he went down to the fires of Mount Doom with it. The quote took off after blogger Jeremy Winston purchased a Chinese bootleg copy of the movie and then posted an epic play-by-play of the whacked out subtitles on his blog. The best part of this memes popularity is that it gives cool teachers a way to PWN lousy students without looking to d*ckish.
Iconic scenes and quotes from films such as Ghost, Dirty Dancing and As Good As It Gets are included, as well as some more obscure quotes from Lord of The Rings, City of Angels, Chasing Tiger,and Hidden Dragon. We also see a love story between Arwen and Aragorn, and hence, every aspect of this series manages to enchant our hearts. The following quotes are some of the best ones from whence the fellowship of the nine companions began. A rather unfair observation, as we have also developed a keen interest in the brewing of ales and the smoking of pipe weed.
The following section will take you through some amazing quotes from each movie in the series. Had it not been for him, Frodo and Sam would have never reached their destination; in fact, if you think of it, Frodo wouldn't have let go of the ring had Gollum not snatched it from him. Hence with his end, ended the ring, and with the end of the ring, ends the series of The Lord of the Rings. Plus he's really mastered that blank stare that everyone had on their face after seeing the movie.
In the land of Mordor, in the fires of Mount Doom, the Dark Lord Sauron forged, in secret, a Master Ring to control all others.

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