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The picture can contain thousand words, but sometimes one well-chosen phrase or a few words can express much more. The Buddhists use tattoos in the form of religious texts- spiritual truths, acting as a protection from evil.
To attach special importance to the tattoos or to emphasize the significance of lettering itself, they are often pictured inside the tape or scroll. It’s quite understandable and predictable, as the words can express much more than pictures.

Every one of us remembers the exact time and place when the loved one made a declaration of love for the first time. For some time, when the most popular tattoo lettering were such inscriptions as: Love, Hope, Pain, Hatred on the fingers. It plays the special role by the creation of memorial tattoos, which can contain family names, names or dates. Mostly people make tattoos in the form of some symbols or images, emphasizing style and individuality of their owner in an original way.

Such decision is often used as an alternative, if the person wants to express more than the picture can do. Everybody remembers the special anxious feeling in that moment, that emotional experience and inspiration.

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