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PRINT PDFWord problems allow students the opportunity to apply their math skills in authentic situations. As teachers and as parents, we are often very good at creating or using word problems where the unknown value is at the end of the question. They are designed for intermediate-level students of English, but even if your level is lower you should be able to complete them using the word list on the right of the page, along with the clues.To download a puzzle, right click on the link.
All too often, children are able to do numeric problems but when given the word problem, they often aren't sure what to do. Some of the best problems to do are those where the unknown in either at the beginning or at the middle of the problem.

There are two types of buses, one bus holds 72 students and the other bus hold 58 students. For those I have given the newsletter number after the links to the crossword and its answers,in case you are interested in learning more about the vocabulary in the newsletter or its readings links. Children need to be exposed to 2 and 3 part problems which help them improve their over all math scores.
What type of bus and how many buses are needed to make sure that all 421 students are able to go swimming?Students will often need to re-read the question to make sure they have all of the information they need. Ia€™ve also added other pages practicing the same vocabulary in parentheses after the newsletter number.

They should also be encouraged to read the question again to make sure that they have actually answered what is being asked for.Use the Graphic Organizers to solve problems in math.
The school principal wants to buy enough oranges to make sure that every student gets an orange.

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