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Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. Your welcoming statement was really nice, and it was a great choice because it would make people want to join your utopia because everyone wants peace.
I really like your guy's commercial, the music really drew my attention on what you guys were trying to say.
Good job guys i really liked all the colors with the wacky name really made it stand out, also the big graphic with the heart fit perfectly with a motto great job!
I also liked that you included an example of a utopia so that we would understand it better.

Your utopia is very organized and I think that your utopia would be a very nice place to live. If anyone holding the copyright to any of the images on this website objects to their presence here please contact us and the offending images will be removed immediately. Comearosda feels that having special powers over someone else is cruel and unorthodox punishment to many. Be who you want to be and no one else, because nobody will be able to change who you are but yourself. Comearosda is a capitalist society, we have a group of people that do not make the final decisions but help make the decisions.

If the government gets to make up all the laws and rules then they are ruling the world and should not be allowed to do so. We did not like to be treated unequal from others and it was unfair to get treated different because of who we are and what we cannot change.

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