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Native American Tattoos- In history worldwide tribes used tattoos to show their status and place in society, also the Native Americans incorporated tattoos into their societies. The Inuits for example dipped string into seal oil (black ink) and then sewed it into their skin.
Different tribes were known by their tattoos and had mystical or spiritual meanings for those who wore them. As for this modern time when people opt for Native American tattoos it is either to identify themselves by searching for their roots and choose tribal designs matching their ancestors tribe or for the great designs and to sympathize with the culture of the native Americans with designs such as Native American faces, eagles, dream catchers, and other symbolic Native American items.

None can be used for any purpose whatsoever without written permission from TattooNOW and the tattoo artist. The Native Americans used bones from fish and stones or rock and carved marks into the skin, which would then be filled with charcoal or natural dyes to stain in the wound.
There are different reasons why the Native Americans would be tattooed and sometimes, women as well as men would undergo the process.
Many early people believed that the tattoo would endow them with natural powers or strength.

The tattoos were permanent markings that formed geometric designs on the arms, legs, chest, back, and for the women limited to cheeks, breasts and arms.

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