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Spittler already has a nautical scene with Poseidon the God of the sea tattooed on his arm.
The Navy's latest policy change is an effort to remain attractive to millennials who may be excluded from serving due to the size of their body artwork.
And for the first time sailors can have tattoos up to an inch on their necks At the Office of Navy Personnel Lieutenant Commander Nate Christensen said the Pentagon’s commitment to professional appearance hasn't changed, but young people have. At the Puget Sound Navy Museum in Bremerton, Washington, there’s a whole exhibit devoted to maritime tattoo history.  Curator Megan Churchwell traces it back to the 1700s.

A sailor's would get his initials and maybe his birthdate tattooed so his body could be identified if he died at sea. Infection was a problem because “this was not a sanitary process.” There were few formal content restrictions until 1909, when the Navy issued the first regulations against obscene tattoos. From that point forward, the voluptuous bodies of pin-up girl tattoos had to be clothed just enough to get by. At that time they weren’t writing waivers for tattoos that were possibly gang related or had some kind of negative meaning behind them.” Spittler is happy to see the regulations loosened .

He said there’s no reason to exclude people from jobs simply because of their body art, even if they have as much as he has: both legs, his right arm and now his left arm.
Even with the Navy’s changes, some ink is still taboo, like head tattoos, symbols of gangs or extremist groups, or obscenity.

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