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This editor job description template is optimised for posting in online job boards or careers pages and easy to customise for your company. We are looking for an editor, with a good sense of what makes an interesting angle to a story, to juggle all the moving parts of publications.
Post this Editor job ad to 15+ free job boards with one submission Start a free Workable trial and post your ad on the most popular job boards today. OctopartFast, accurate, and easy to use component search, that connects you with supply chain and component data. The process of setting up outputs for your design and publishing them is performed in the OutputJob Editor. Output Media – choose to publish your Outputs from a variety of Output Media including PDF, direct printing and file generation.
You can create a number of Output Media with differing outputs to meet your publishing needs. When you create a new Output Job file, only the relevant outputs for your project are added to the file and configured using default setups.
Clicking on the relevant Add New entry under each category and choosing the required output from the pop-up menu that appears. The Output Media column can contain a list of Publish to PDF, Print and File Generation publishing media. To customize the name of your Output Medium, click once the Output Medium to focus it and click again or press F2 , change the name to a meaningful name for your project. The availability of outputs is dependent on the type of publishing medium chosen from the Output Media column. By assigning outputs to a given publishing medium, you are defining the contents of the publication. Publish the selected Output Medium by clicking on the button at the top of the Output Media column or by pressing the F9 short cut key. For more detailed information on adding or editing Outputs and Output Media in an OutJob File, see Design to Manufacturing. Once the Outputs have been configured and assigned to a Publish to PDF medium, you can configure the Publish to PDF settings prior to publishing. Configure PDF settings by right clicking on the PDF Output Medium and choosing PDF Setup from the pop up menu that appears. Open PDF file after export – enable the checkbox to open your published PDF after it has been generated. Prompt if file already exists – enable the checkbox to prompt you to overwrite an existing PDF file. Generate a separate PDF file for each output – enable the checkbox to create one PDF for each of the selected outputs and also to use the Name of each output as the PDF Filename. You can customize the filename and specify a folder for your PDFs, using the Name field in your OutJob file. For example you can replace the Schematic Prints name with Sch\Schematic Prints and PCB Prints name with PCB\PCB Prints as shown in Figure 5. Use the zoom slider bar to specify the zoom level used in the PDF Viewer when browsing components, nets and ports. Use Additional Bookmarks to control whether net information is generated in the PDF or not.
The Page Size and Orientation settings controls whether the page size and orientation are derived from either the Page Setup Dialog or from the Source Document for both Schematic Pages and PCB Pages. Click the button which has the selected Output Medium name with the PDF icon in the Output Media column.
Right click and select the Publish to PDF option from the popup on the Output Media column.
To view your generated PDF, enable the Open PDF file after export checkbox from the Publish to PDF Settings dialog or navigate to your output file path and open your PDF. Clicking on a component, net, pin, port or net label bookmark will zoom to and highlight the area where the object resides.The level of zoom applied is determined by the zoom set in the Publish to PDF Settings dialog. To automate the publication of Output Jobs, you can write a script to bypass the Publish to PDF Settings dialog and generate a PDF document quickly and easily. Load your design project which contains an OutJob file defining some Assembly Drawings and Schematic Prints.

The PDF file with the Assembly Drawing and the Schematic Prints Outputs is published automatically by the script on the Default Assembly Ouputs.OutJob file. The possible parameters and values for the Workspacemanager: Print process that are required to publish to a PDF from a script are outlined in the table below. If Action is set to PublishToPDF then you can use the other parameters in this table to customize the generation of your PDF document. If DisableDialog parameter is False, then the Publish To PDF Settings dialog is invoked and once you close this dialog, the PDF is published with these values.
This parameter overrides the Net Labels bookmark control on the Publish To PDF Settings dialog. This parameter overrides to the Ports bookmark control on the Publish To PDF Settings dialog. Output Media list is used (the green arrows on the OutJob file will be updated to reflect this).
This parameter determines whether the Outputs will be published as a Single File (PublishMethod = 0) or as Multiple Files (PublishMethod = 1).
If the OutputFilepath is not specified, then the path of the OutJob file but with a PDF extension is used for instance. To define the contents of the published PDF file, the default settings are used from the DocoPDF Output Medium. Refer to the Altium Designer Scripting documentation for an introduction to Scripting, and information on building script projects.
Refer to the Customizing the Altium Designer Resources tutorial for details on how to create new shortcuts or update resources in Altium Designer. To learn more about the practical benefits of scripts in Altium Designer, study the script examples in the downloadable Script Example collection.
The city of Antwerp employs 18,000 professionals across more than 8,000 organisations meaning one in six of the companies in the city is creatively focused.
Long before acid advocate Timothy Leary advised people to “turn on, tune in and drop out” back in 1966, people have taken that doctrine and lysergically run with it.
For a period of 14 months, Martin Molin, founder of Swedish band Wintergatan decided to take a break from touring and focus his efforts on creating a programmable marble machine that would play a track. Scotland has no shortage of creative heritage: from David Shrigley and Eduardo Paolozzi to 1996 Turner Prize winner Douglas Gordon, Rachel Maclean and Haroon Mirza it’s produced a long line of big name talents. University of the Arts London is a specialist creative university with an extensive range of courses in art, design, fashion, communication and performing arts.
From posting your job ad to managing candidates, it saves time on admin and creates time for people.
Any number of outputs including Schematic, OpenBus, PCB, PCB3D, BOM and Assembly Drawings can be collated into PDFs using the Output Generators in the Output Job Editor.
The Publish to PDF feature allows you to publish a PDF document from a number of different source files. The OutputJob Editor allows you to define and manage Output Job Configuration files (*.Outjob) for the current Design Project. The OutputJob Editor with a set of Outputs linked to a Publish to PDF Media in the Output Media column.
The Composite Drawing, PCB 3D Prints, PCB Prints and two Schematic Prints in the Documentation Outputs are assigned to a Publish to PDF Medium. If you remove one of the outputs from your Output Medium, the numbers are re-ordered accordingly. Use the format FOLDER\FILENAME, giving you greater control over the filename, and location of your generated PDFs. The PDFs for the Schematic Print and the PCB Prints will be generated in the Schematic and PCB folders respectively when the Generate a separate PDF file for each output option is enabled. Generating PDFs in custom folders with the *Generate a separate PDF file for each output option* enabled in the Publish to PDF Settings dialog. If the Generate nets information checkbox is enabled, additional bookmarks can be created for nets: Pins, Net Labels and Ports . Output Generators assigned to the PDF to Publish medium which is ready to be published by clicking on the_Output Medium (F9) button. Bookmarks are provided to enable you to navigate through your document and these are based on your Additional Bookmarks settings.

The result, a PDF published from a Publishing Medium with associated Outputs and its source documents in the OutJob Editor. Highlighting is applied when browsing by component, net, pin, port or net label bookmark for ease of reference.
If the value is less than 1, it will default back to 1, if the value is greater than 100, it will default back to 100. This parameter overrides the Generate a separate PDF file for each output control on the Publish To PDF Settings dialog. The asterisks, *, in the *Default* column of the table correspond to the default settings of the Publish to PDF settings dialog.
The default values of the Publish to PDF Settings dialog are extracted from each Output Medium in the OutJob File. You will need an OutJob file that has a PDF Output Medium with the DocoPDF name before running the script on it. You can either use the Publish to PDF Settings dialog to change the settings or use the available parameters from the table above in the script to override the settings for this Publish to PDF Settings dialog. We recognise the necessity for a progressive online platform that consistently provides forward-thinking, cutting edge editorial content, and we understand we can champion creativity in new and innovative ways. As the Belgian port city looks to cement its status as the creative capital of the country, This Is Antwerp has commissioned Studio Make Stuff, to create a series of animated portraits depicting some of the city’s leading creative figures. From the French exchange students browsing Bob Marley stash tins in Camden Market to Miley Cyrus harping on about ayahuasca, people are looking to buy into that heritage of intoxication and creativity. The project originally was scheduled to take two months, but the complexity of constructing the machine that combines a kick drum, snare drum, hi-hat, sizzle cymbal, electric bass and vibraphone saw the build take seven times longer than anticipated. But it’s perhaps fair to say that creativity is mostly associated with Glasgow and it’s school of art, and Edinburgh with its festival. UAL draws together six Colleges each with its own world-class reputation: Camberwell College of Arts, Central Saint Martins, Chelsea College of Arts, London College of Communication, London College of Fashion, and Wimbledon College of Arts.
Combining music, art and design, the project has, as of 2016, produced 3,500 one-of-a-kind record sleeves for 35 musicians, raised well over ?130,000 for charity, and in 2015 welcomed 22,000 people to the London exhibition. The successful candidate will be able to decide which ideas should be pursued  and which should get dropped in order to meet quality and accuracy standards.
To change the order of your enabled outputs, double click on the number and select a number from the drop-down or alternatively, re-select each output in order.
If the source schematics are hierarchical, the hierarchy is reflected in the PDF Bookmarks.
You can have a look at the script by opening the PublishToPDFScript.pas file in Altium Designer. Every time you configure the Output Medium and save the OutJob file, the new settings for this Output Medium are saved in this OutJob file. Below, we introduce some of the people who are helping shape the city’s future and learn about how and where they work. Coleridge was laying back and writing poems on opium, Basquait was emblazoning New York with murals and his veins with heroin, Hendrix was noodling away on LSD and Warhol buzzed about his Factory frantically coursing with amphetamines. Martin estimates that the machine has around 3000 parts, 300 screws, 500 Lego parts and was constructed with five sheets of Baltic birch plywood. Last year also saw the two-day vinyl show extended to a month-long affair in Somerset House, a model that has carried over to this year, with Sonos Studios in Shoreditch playing host to the fifth edition of Secret 7”.
As such, it’s perhaps the creative community that has most visibly combined intoxication with their job description. Enter Dundee: long-known as the home of publishers DC Thomson, and more recently, home to a new Design Festival and a soon-to-open Victoria and Albert Museum, its first outside of London. Either that, or they just talk about it more than accountants, or landscape gardeners – or do so in a more public forum.

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