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During this period, it was customary for Warners to have their animation production partner, Leon Schlesinger Productions, make Merrie Melodies cartoons based upon songs from their features. I Love to Singa depicts the story of a young owlet who wants to sing jazz instead of indulging in his parents more traditional and stodgy tastes, such as Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes to piano accompaniment. While waiting for his eggs to hatch, Fritz Owl paces up and down until he creates a trench in the floor. The radio show host is a rabbit named Jack Bunny, an obvious reference to Jack Benny or Jack Rabbit.
The stuttering voice of one contestant (Simple Simon) was provided by Joe Dougherty, who was a real-life stutterer and the first voice of Porky Pig.
Nella casa di due gufi tedeschi, amanti della musica classica, si schiudono le uova e nascono 4 piccoli. Riprendendo una canzone della Warner Bros 'The Singing Kid' (1936) e parodiando per certi aspetti il film "Il cantante di Jazz" con Al Jolson, il regista Tex Avery mette in scena un cartone animato semplice, ma educativo perche dimostra come un giovane se ha una passione, non deve avere imposizioni dai genitori. The resulting short subject, I Love to Singa, was directed by Tex Avery and released by Warners on July 18, 1936.
The owlet is kicked out of the house by his disciplinary father, Fritz Owl, and he runs off to enter a radio amateur contest.

However, the auditions themselves and the moderator's rude dispatch of untalented contestants appear to be a takeoff on another popular radio show of that era, Major Bowes Amateur Hour.
In the "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe" episode of the adult cartoon South Park, Eric Cartman and Officer Barbrady lapse into Owl Jolson's odd song-and-dance routine whenever they get hit with an alien beam. I primi tre sanno cantare e suonare arie classiche, ma il quarto, Owl Jolson, e un cantate di musica jazz. The cartoon, one of the earliest Merrie Melodies produced in Technicolor, is recognized as one of Avery's early masterpieces. Fritz's wife hears her son on the radio, and she and the rest of the family went to see their son. The buzzer is rung on her and the trap door that ejects losing contestants is activated, but she is much too wide to fall all the way through the trap door, so she continues singing while stuck in the trap door at the midsection. In general, the excessively rounded faces of the South Park characters echo those of early cartoon characters, including the owls in I Love to Singa. Il padre lo caccia di casa, ma il giovane non demorde e vince un premio come miglior cantante jazz. When the owlet found out about their family's presence, he started singing Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes.

Jack Bunny takes the matter into his own hands, and swiftly conks the hen across the head with a mallet, knocking her down the trap door. In Warners' 2003 film Looney Tunes: Back in Action, Owl Jolson's dance sequence from I Love to Singa repeatedly appears on the ACME chairman's video screen, since he cannot properly operate his remote control. It is performed three times in the film: first by Al Jolson and Cab Calloway, then by the Yacht Club Boys and Jolson, and finally again by Calloway and Jolson. The radio show host was then about to activate the trap door, until Fritz suddenly realized his son's true potential and allowed him to freely sing jazz.
It is a special feature in the Happy Feet DVD, possibly because the plot is similar to that of Happy Feet.

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