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Panther tattoos have always been popular among tattoo enthusiasts because of their unique symbolic qualities and powerful statement.
Those who choose animal tattoos obviously decide on an animal that represents their inner character.
A side note about black panthers: black panthers are not actually one specific kind of cat, but a group of cats that have the genetic potential to be born black.
In Greece, a panther is the symbol of the deity Dionysus, the god of wine, theater and ecstasy.
Panthers have also been used extensively in Central and South American mythology by the Aztecs and Mayans.
In more recent history, the famous tattoo artist Amund Dietzel developed the popular crawling panther design you can see in the picture on the right. In the book is a story about the Cuchulain, a Gaelic hero sent to prove his worth to his desired bride.
Panther tattoo art is often large and detailed, twisting its way across muscles, with its claws digging into flesh. Panthers are known to be loving and gentle with their cubs, yet fierce when it comes to defending their families. Although black panther tattoos are more popular with men, more and more women are getting tattooed with panther designs because they symbolize confidence, protectiveness, freedom, beauty and a personality with a 'wild side'. Men usually opt for an aggressively looking panther as compared to the more tranquil ones often chosen by women. A tattoo design depicting a panther head in water would represent hunger and its characteristics of being a sleek predator. Tribal panther designs can make an impact and aggressive statement as well as being very attractive. Panthers can mean many different things to different people, but there are a few things that are clear.

Think of the part of the body you would like to tattoo and imagine the design or at least the theme of your future tattoo. Consult a professional tattoo artist, draw a sample of what you wish and discuss the details. Don’t forget to take the stencil of your tattoo as it is such the only one in the world. Although the panther tattoo is most often a full-body image, some people choose to get a detailed drawing of the panther's head or its claws. The Aztecs believed panthers were familiars for their shamans, who believed they had the power to transcend the realms of reality and the spirit world. Occasionally it's drawn as a tribal design, either with a panther drawn in simple clean lines, or more detailed depiction of the cat against a tribal background. This makes a tattoo of a panther the perfect choice for a woman: they represent a courageous and attractive woman who is protective of her loved ones. Panther tattoos for women are viewed as symbols of protection, or even as a symbol of rebirth and beauty. The design of a panther in a natural background like waterfall represent calmness (water) and power (panther).
This design indicates that the person is interesting and unique while at the same time passionate, craves attention and elicits respect from others. It makes the design look very interesting because of the mixture of colors that are related to tribal patterns. These animals are fierce, protective, mysterious, strong, and almost regal in their grace and poise. Today this kind of art has two tendencies both of which are equally popular among those who are fond of patterns on the body. These designs include the creations done in a primitive technique with a minimum set of colors such as black, white and brown as other inks have been introduced considerably short time ago.

The tattoos were carried out, as a rule, without shadows with just a few colors and black contours.
The illustration of this panther is found on the bottom corner of the first page of this story, which Dietzel adapted to create the crawling panther design, one of the most popular tattoos of the 20th century.
In addition to this, you can also go for a claw tattoo, which represents the ferocious character of a very dangerous opponent. However, the traditional design still exists nowadays but it has been modified and acquired a different meaning. It’s hard to decide whether a custom tattoo design is the right choice or a traditional. They can find lots of various samples and designs in the internet that will satisfy their requirements and tastes, change them in the way of their style and add some personal traits.
The wide range of ideas presented and available online allows us to combine several patterns at the same time.
In comparison with the traditional tattoos custom design offers more choice of techniques, subjects and sizes and at the same time it’s unique and has personal style. It can reflect some private events or experiences, some objects that are connected with an individual.
So, custom tattoo designs take into consideration one’s personal ideas, preferences and expectations.
These tattoos can be applied to any part of the body as well and many tattoo hobbyists experiment with different extraordinary places.

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