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The day Whovians across the world have been anxiously awaiting has finally arrived: Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary special, The Day of The Doctor.
In celebration of the event we’ve put together a collection of our favorite timey-wimey Doctor Who tattoos. Tattoos have been considered as one of the most popular forms of body art for conveying a significant message in an artistic manner.
Any  foreign language tattoo adds a certain mystery element to the piece, making people wonder what it says.

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Lately, tattoo enthusiasts have discovered the advantages of sporting a tattoo carrying a message in a foreign language, thus increasing the popularity of Hebrew tattoo designs. Hebrew tattoos can feature some motivational phrases, lines from a song, quotations from books, names of a loved one, anything the wearer wants, translated in Hebrew. It is important to make sure the translation is correct before getting the tattoo as a wrong translation can ruin the whole design.

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