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The crew at Android World was able to look through the same log file that MyCE had on hand and was able to figure out what they believe are the official specs of the Nexus 5. The rest of the spec line-up sounds as good as can be, but again, isn’t necessarily new or surprising info.
Other than the dreaded “bloatware” the G2 specs are FAR superior in every regard! I know what all of you are thinking BUT there is one thing to keep in mind, if all the rumors and hints are correct, android 4.4 SHOULD take up minimal ram on the phone causing significant battery life difference which will not make it necessary to put a large battery. I don’t trust Lg, every LG phone I ever had the charge port messed up within a few months. I have no interest in iPhones, and there are many things I do not like about iOS, but it is hard to argue that the camera is bad. I always did find it odd that the status bar is blue and the nav icons are gray, hopefully now there is at least some sort of uniformity in android!
Once KitKat launches, I hope the Google Play Edition phones get it within a month of the Nexus device OTAs.
All the newer gen phones batteries last much much longer due to better LTE chips vs the G.Nex and similar gen phones. 2300 still seems low GS4 is 5in 1080p and is 2600mah, still does not have excellent battery life. Yep, my old 5MP standalone camera still takes fantastic photos, it’s not really the MP count but everything else about it that matters. Find out How To Root Nexus 10 running on Android 5.0 Lollipop with easy method and step by step instructions with CF-Autoroot Package. Now boot your device into Bootloader mode, turn it back on by holding down the Volume Down + Power keys altogether. Connect your device to PC with USB Cable (Make sure your device is connected properly and drivers are installed).
Android developers have needlessly restricted many apps and games to run on certain devices. Many low-end devices support lower screen resolution and hence users have trouble in installing the high resolution apps and games. In case your device is in-compatible with a certain app, then that app will not at all appear in the search results of Google Play Store on your device.
Every Android device contains this build.prop file located in the system directory of their device.
Just by editing this file you can make your device to appear as another device thus spoofing the Android market in recognizing the device you’re actually using. Firstly launch the ES File Explorer app and enable the mount file system option from the settings.
Now you can download any app from Google Play Store that claim is in-compatible with your device.
After launching the app, you’ll see various option for selecting device, carrier and account that you want to change to. In case you want to switch back to normal mode, Select Restore from app and click Activate. If you’re newer to Android, then I recommend you to follow the method II as method I is basically for advanced users who are more familiar with this stuff.

Residing in Pune (India), Abhijeet is a Tech lover and enthusiast about all-things Android. Rooting is not a software upgrade but basically a process through which you can attain full access over your system settings.. The VSCO Cam app for iOS and Android is immensely popular with users, and rightly so, as it’s one of the better photo editing apps available. The app, made by Visual Supply Company, a San Francisco Bay Area startup, also has additional features for discovering new photos and talent within the VSCO community of users – like its VSCO Grid publishing platform – many of them professionals and enthusiasts.
VSCO “will use the funds to invest in product development, improve international infrastructure, and increase VSCO’s Artist Initiative scholarship fund to $1 million,” the company says in a press release. While the app is free, the company makes money by selling additional filters within the VSCO app, as well as its suite of VSCO Film desktop post-processing software for use with design applications such as Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, and Apple Aperture. Accel Partners saw something in Facebook, which is now the world’s largest social network (and poised to become even bigger).
I had Nexus 4 for nearly a year and what I definitely learned over this time is that I do not want a phone which needs to be constantly connected to a charger.
I mean at least it’s still got the S800 processor which is really the heart of the thing. I’m thinking Moto X-esque bezels seem as how that was also designed partially by Google.
If LG can manage 18-22 hours on a 2300mah battery, thats more than acceptable, especially given the battery lives of the HTC One and the Galaxy S4. Even my DNA, which I was very worried about with only a 2020mah battery, lasts literally 3x my G.Nex. Nexus program Google has to cut costs in some areas to offer the device for such a great price. The size of the battery is relative in how well the rest of the phone is engineered to use power. Phone camera just aren’t that great no matter what, which is why it continues to be the last thing I worry about when buying a phone.
Also, in the past, the signal icon and the wifi icon would remain grey until the phone has actually obtained an IP connection and is connected to google services.
If your device’s bootloader is locked, this method will also unlock it but it will wipe all your data. A command window will open up asking you to press a key to continue with unlocking the bootloader and rooting the device. While installing such apps a message ‘This app is not compatible with your device’ appears which ruins the entire mood.
This file contains a few strings which are bits of text that helps to identify the device you’re using. Now you can head on to Google Play Store and enjoy the app that were in-compatible earlier.
The company behind the app, Visual Supply Company, just received a $40 million investment from Accel Partners, an early investor in Facebook. With this investment, it’s possible that VSCO could also be on its way to becoming something even greater.
From this log, it appears to be an 8MP sensor, which differs from the 13MP shooter with OIS in the LG G2, a device that the Nexus 5 is thought to be based off of.

And if if the smaller screen still carries a great looking 1080p resolution, that’s definitely fine.
There’s a reason the Droid Maxx is $100 more than the Ultra for just a larger battery. I was actually in the same boat last year around when the DNA and Note 2 came out, I was afraid of poor battery life (on the DNA) because of the relative numbers (didn’t get a Note 2 for many other reasons). If anything they should make it turn red if there is an IP issue and you don’t have a connection. But there is an another thing which make Nexus device better than other smartphones, it the updates. It gives the best results without even touching the build.prop file or any other from your system directory thus it’s much safer. It never lasted me 12 hours of moderate use (1h browsing on the way to work 20min phone calls a few emails). I know MPs don’t matter, but the Nexus is THE flagship, it should have at least a 10 like the X has, preferably with OIS. Also anything stock is always the best, more customizations means more drainage from hardware.Remember that. I have a GPE Galaxy S4 so I’m going to be chomping at the bit to get it once it launches.
Also part of the reason why Google likes to skimp on internal storage capacity, save money. So now I just know in my heart of hearts that the Nexus 5 will be announced in the near future and it will be headed to Verizon.
I have not noticed any difference with custom roms (which surprised me) and I tried a few of them. The camera is disappointing but that’s relatively minor in my book given they have to cut costs somewhere.
In this article you will find out how to root your Nexus device after updating it to Android 5.0 Lollipop. The battery size is alarming, but several other phones sport similar sizes and specs with a good day’s worth of usage. Don’t be fooled with this optimized chipset or what not, nothing more than marketing talk to boost sales. Following are some of the steps used to implement simple ListView using array adapter.First step towards building list view is to identify the inputA data, which you want to display in list.
In this example, we will be using a static array of strings.Secondly, let us declare list view in activity layout. Thanx javatechig all java code should be in src folder, xml layouts in layout folder and resources files in drawable.

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