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2.A Doctorate Degree with experience in technical editing, theses, dissertations, research, article submissions, etc. 3.Advanced Education - Masters, Bachelors, specific editing courses, proofreading certification, publishing seminars, etc.
We will not consider applicants whose applications, cover letters or informal emails include grammar, spelling or punctuation errors. All applicants must have English as their "mother tongue" and as their PRIMARY language for education. We do NOT provide "manual" editing with pen and paper; thus, you must be computer literate, competent and savvy. We maintain an active file of approved editors who have all necessary documentation on file.
Some of the best advice I’ve heard from published authors is to read your work aloud.
Last night as I was tiptoe-ing through my Google Reader, I opened a post from a writer I’ve been following.
When an editing position becomes available, we will contact the preferred, pre-qualified editor. While I think that is stellar advice, I can tune myself out with the best of them and still trip over errors.
She’s currently editing a book and sent out some queries and is trying to get published. The next best thing for me is to read along while someone else reads it aloud, because I am not used to that voice and I’ll be listening.

But YAY, because I was talking about AutoCrit on twitter the other night and they tweeted me back and gave me a discount code for 10% off of a subscription. In my head, I had what I thought was a bit of cute, witty, but story line revealing banter between my main characters.
I’m always more concerned with does it make sense, do you care about my characters, are there any misspellings?
This happens every Sunday, and tomorrow I will be sleepy and cranky because I can’t sleep tonight. I would have loved to participate, because it was on editing, something that is the bane of my existence but it so necessary. I was looking forward to writing it, because I could just hear it in my ear, on the tip of my tongue, and laughed every time I thought of it.
My thoughts were rolling around in my head, and I was reading and editing and then I wanted to explore a tangent and started to type and all I could hear was KLUNK KLUNK KLUNKETY KLUNK KLUNK KLUNK. My process is almost obsessive, but, reading through the chat, I find I’m not the only one.
This is, of course, not made for a rough draft or even first pass, but if you’re past the point of seeing your faults, this will definitely show you new ones!
Good news is that I think it can be revived with some editing CPR but first I need to pick up the chapter where I left off and write it through and THEN go back and edit. I want my pieces to read the best that they can and if people can see where there is a flaw, I want to fix it. And then I do another chunk until I can’t write anymore, and then I go back and edit the same way, BUT FROM THE BEGINNING.

That’s going against my usual habit of write, edit, edit again, write, edit, edit again, throw the laptop against the wall. I made some really great progress last night before I stopped to watch one of my fave shows. Tonight I have been playing around (obviously, with my theme) and enjoying my Friday night.
So, even though I had just written the beginning of a new chapter in my (hopefully) novel, I plugged in the first 800 words and waited for the result.
If I’m reading it right, I should have about a month to come up with something spiffy and shiny for Glimmer Train. And, of course, because I couldn’t write, I had all these ideas of things I wanted to bring out, some I wanted to tone down, conversations I wanted them to have. At least that is the theory, because when I move on to a new chunk, I’ve separated myself from the first piece and my mind is elsewhere. When I read from the beginning again, I’m kind of reading with new eyes and I see things I should have said better, in a different way. Not only that but reading back from the beginning helps me make sure the chunks fit together like a puzzle piece. Of course, that’s only the free version, which limits you to five times a day at 800 words a pop.

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