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About the same time last year, I wrote an article on the topic of best laptops for photo editing (see here).
Now in 2016, Apple Retina Display powered MacBook Pro is still the professional’s choice when it comes to making mincemeat of any photo editing chores. But not everybody has really deep pockets to draw from when it comes to investing in the photography gear. Traveling photographers look for the ability to do almost anything that they can normally do on with their editing workstations whilst they are traveling. So, here is what I feel are the best laptops for photo editing that your money can get in different segments.
The Apple MacBook Pro is also available with a 15.4” screen that boasts 2880 x 1800 dots native resolution which is also powered by a Retina Display. Up to 1TB of super fast flash storage makes it possible to store all your unprocessed and finished images from an entire wedding season and still have room for your vacation photos as well as the odd random shots. One of the problems photographers face when working with high resource consuming applications such as Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere Pro is heat. In a race to the best laptops for photo editing, the next in our list may not be in the same league as the top two.
It has a 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7-4900MQ Quad Core processor coupled with 32 GB of onboard memory. The large 17.3” 1920 x 1080 display is not nearly as in the same league as MacBook pro’s Retina Display, but should be enough to hold itself for serious editing work. One the connectivity side the laptop has 1 Thunderbolt, 4 USB, dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.
The Lenovo ThinkPad W540 15.5” Mobile workstation has been designed to be a compromise between portability and performance, combining, to some extent the best of both worlds.
The laptop should handle light Photoshop and most Lightroom editing chores easily, comes with a built-in fingerprint reader for added security and a very thoughtful backlit keyboard, which is perfect when you are stuck outdoors in low light conditions, shooting star trails etc.

But what makes the ASUS Zenbook UX301LA-DH71T 13.3” reach this list of best laptops for photo editing is it is a smallish package, ideal for the traveling photographer, who wants a no-nonsense laptop for backing up his RAW images and need some reasonable computing power to do minor edits.
Please fee free to leave a comment below and do let us know which laptop you think is the best for photography. I believe MSI has mobile workstations with something called the true color display (work with portrait displays). Wanderlust at heart and a shutterbug who loves to document his travels via his lenses; his two passions compliment each other perfectly. From the first moment that I dreamed of becoming a published author, I knew that I needed assistance, guidance, and most important, a caring, nurturing, professional editor.
Content organization may include a check for clarity and effectiveness of content or story sequence, including support and resolution. Welcome to goprouserYou are currently viewing our boards as a guest, which gives you full access to view most discussions and access.. Then again there is the question of being able to pack everything in a small package, especially suitable for travels.
But they don’t want the associated bulk so that they can carry their laptop inside their travel photography bag and yet be within the baggage limit to carry it inside the cabin. For the professional photographer, the MacBook Pro with Retina Display still is the best option that money can buy. One of the major factors that determines how true to life the colors that you saw with your eyes can be reproduced on a digital image is the color gamut of a monitor screen.
Add to that the brilliant retina display technology that is the hallmark of Apple’s MacBook Pro’s display unit. If the flash drive is one of the parameters of a laptop’s performance then this laptop does not have that either. There is no Solid State drive but the old-fashioned SATA hard drive has a capacity of 750 GB.

It has a NVidia Optimus Hybrid graphics card and a 15.5” display that boasts a 3K (2880 x 1620) resolution. He has been writing for over 4 years now, which unsurprisingly, revolve mostly around his two favourite pursuits. I found all of these qualities and far more with Stephanee Killen, senior editor and designer for Integrative Ink. By joining our free community, you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content, and access many other special features. On the outside, the thick reinforced construction is made up of anodized aluminum and then reinforced by a magnesium alloy frame.
The Klipsch High Definition audio with Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi technology ensures is one of the most powerful in the portable devices platform. But if sheer performance is what is your parameter then this laptop will more than excel it. From the first moment we spoke, her knowledge, kindness, and caring manner convinced me that Integrative Ink was the right organization to handle all of my publishing and editorial needs.
If you feel that your work may need developmental assistance, such as commentary regarding character development, narrative flow, and overall plot, theme, or organizational issues, you may wish to consider receiving a Editorial Evaluation prior to obtaining Copyediting Services. Even at high bit rates my render time for a fairly complex edit including music track is rarely more than 3 times the video length and editing ( using avi intermediate files) is super smooth for everything except text ( for some reason!). With Integrative Ink’s assistance, my book was published, sold over twenty thousand copies, and will soon be made into a major motion picture by Cinepro Pictures.

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