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You and your IT team need to be as efficient as possible throughout the software development life cycle.
Instead of showing a business executive lines of Java™ code in a text editor, you can use a visual tool to show a higher-level view of the same Java code that is easier to understand. Back to topOverview of Rational design productsRational software has a product for everyone involved in the application development process. The Palette at the right contains all of the UML 2.0 objects that can be added to the different types of models. After importing an entire Web site, you can edit styles globally, then add or delete pages from a variety of views.
A Navigation view displays site hierarchy and gives you another way to easily edit site content.
These include WSDL editors that allow a very graphical, context-oriented way of creating or editing WSDL files. Within this view, you can visually drag and drop JavaServer Faces components, UI components, and even Service Data Objects. Unlike the diagrams offered in Rational Software Modeler, these are visualizations of actual code. Within these reviews, rule categories can be toggled on or off, and new categories can be custom made using a simple wizard. Figure 14 shows the visual code review tools available in Rational Application Developer.Figure 14.
Rational Software Architect, architecture discovery serves as a snapshot of the inner workings of the developed code. Stay tuned to developerWorks for tutorials about these products from IBM Rational software. Rational Application Developer: Read the product information and take advantage of the learning resources for Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software (WebSphere Studio Application Developer).
Rational Software Architect: Tap into product information, and learn how Rational Software Architect includes a comprehensive framework that you can use to author patterns and transforms.
Rational zone to expand your Rational skills, and find technical resources and best practices for the Rational software platform.
Get products and technologies Rational Software Downloads: Get trial downloads of Rational products.
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For 30 years the program has developed a formidable reputation for delivering quality to parents and children. Dr Frances Glascoe, a world leader in early childhood development, who is the author of PEDS which has been rolled out Nationwide by Maternal Child Health Centres, is a pro-bono patron of GymbaROO because she loves what the program offers parents, especially dads.
Initially based on practical experience and observation, and positive outcomes for early implementations, today after 30 years, there is significant empirical research validating many aspects of the underlying GymbaROO Rationale. JUST ASK AROUND: GymbaROO is highly recommended by many health professionals, including Paediatricians, Child Health Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Paediatric Osteopaths and Paediatric Chiropractors. At GymbaROO we do not advocate avoiding modern medical advice; rather we help to show you ways in which you can still enable your baby to experience those important movement and sensory opportunities necessary for healthy brain and body development.
The special sessions for this age aim at improving balance and muscle tone development through walking and running and for the older penguins, hanging by their hands.
Penguins like walking over the stairs, and over the rungs of ladders, climbing ladders, somersaults down the wedge and posting things, i.e. Whilst keeping to the routine, the content of the session varies considerably as we focus on the aspects of development common to this age. This is the stage where we introduce rhythm sticks, as we not only use them for rhythm, but for fine motor work. Wallabies are really into jumping on and off anything they can find… including your bed! Dances are sequential now, in an endeavour to help children move and think – as they can now move their body parts with ease and hopefully in rhythm.
Specific Sensory Perceptual Movement program activities are introduced at this level and form an essential part of equipment time. The ability to do one thing with the limb of one side of the body and another with the limb on the other side allows for the important stage of conscious cross pattern movements, which are the final attributes of nature to help the child’s growing brain to work to the best of its ability. Sessions at GymbaROO for this age group now focus on one hand and one foot activities, as it helps to consolidate all the previous skills developed in the first two years of life. The IBM Rational® software development platform contains a variety of visual tools to help you do this.
Good visual tools can bridge the gap between business decision makers and the implementers of products. Rather than each member of a software development team having one large all-encompassing tool, Rational tools target different products to different members of the team. Rational Application Developer - component testingCode review and runtime analysisCode review in Rational Application Developer is like enforcing code rule compliance every time you use the tool.
Figure 18 shows Java structural analysis visual tools in Rational Software Architect.Figure 18. Your display name must be unique in the developerWorks community and should not be your email address for privacy reasons.

In earlier age groups it has been more incidental, but now it is quite deliberate as children are asked to track a specific item while in a sitting position – up, down, to the right and the left.
All movement actions in a GymbaROO class are now delivered more slowly in order to promote voluntary movements by the little ones on their own!
This improves speech and word usage, and provides the automatic understanding of what these concepts mean.
Each hemisphere of the brain can now control the movements of each side of the body in coordination, and by 20 months, many can actually move their body parts on their own, this is the reason we begin to do very different activities in the GymbaROO program. At GymbaROO all our mat time action time activities are therefore slowed so that children have time to move themselves. We encourage all children to cross under the overhead ladder as strong upper body control is essential for later fine motor control of a pencil. GymbaROO teachers also encourage an increase in the comprehension of auditory memory skills from one instruction to two, or even three, and likewise in the visual memory through more advanced fun activities. Children who attend school without having developed a dominant hand and foot may have an increased risk of learning difficulties. Children can climb, swing, tumble, dance and sing their way to a healthy brain and body in readiness for later school learning. Speech at this stage takes a back seat, but the first stage of speech is the ability to understand simple instructions, so this is also part of our aim during these months. At this age, not only are their developing skills strengthened, but they are becoming able to initiate body movements, not possible before, as they enter the dramatic growth spurt of the two year olds.
These essential skills provide our brain with the neuronal pathways and connections that create the foundational platforms for later learning.
If the large muscles of the body are strong, then the smaller muscles of the hands and fingers are more likely to be strong and more easily controlled to manipulate a pen or pencil for writing.
These concepts are important for later writing skills – to write a letter you need to move the pencil up, down and around to create the required shape.
This function may have begun during the early months of the two year old, but now it blossoms. The words are introduced at treasure bag time, and are related to the treasure bag item as well as to life.
In this article, you learned about the roles and the functions that Rational development and construction products play during your project's life cycle, including examples of the tools in action.

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