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In a new update rolling out today, the popular chat app is adding some fun new new photo effects to add to your selfie reactions.
Also arriving in the update is the ability for users to spend real money to replay other users’ Snaps.
Giveaways have become a Google IO tradition of sorts, with attendees annually anticipating what newly announced hardware will be given away to everyone at the event. Google’s Chrome OS and Chromebooks have never been an appealing option for me, but the ability to run Android apps on Chrome just might be the thing that gets me on board. Since downloading this hugely popular and much-hyped app on the day of its release, I’ve gone through different phases of thought regarding Instagram.
Another extremely cool thing with Instagram is that there are already loads of people you know using it. I then also learned that in the iOS version, filters can be applied in real time, much like in apps like Paper Camera, but not so on Android.
I guess I’m resigned to wait for the Instagram developers to pull their finger out and update the app to support my new device.
You can share elsewhere on Instagram, posting to the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. The interface reminded me a little of Streamzoo’s, although Instagram is far more basic and has far less features.
After using it for a bit, to me Instagram are delusional users who suddenly think they are photographers after sticking an OTT filter on a snap shot taken from a shitty camera on a phone… Even more so after the whole iPhone user dismay saga. AndroidTapp is the best Android App Reviews, Android Apps, Android News, Android App Recommendations, and Interviews with mobile app developers. We provide only free android apps, if you find any paid apps on our site then please let us know by using contact us form. Pre-registering means you will be notified on your device when the app is available to download. This is because the driver-friendly UI required a compatible head unit to work, but soon you’ll be able to open and use it like any other app. I thought then it might be a good idea to run through these as I can refer to the features as they occurred to me. I was dismayed to see a paltry 18 filters initially, I thought the mighty Instagram would be awash with a rich smorgasbord of filters, effects and editing options.
Just check out the likes of Streamzoo, with it’s wealth of editing, frames, filters, community, competitions and smart UI.

Which amused me all the more when I read about the furore created by snobbish iPhone users upset that the app was now available on Android.┬áTalk about raging! Navigation is relatively straightforward and it’s simple to post and share pictures you have taken. I’m certain it will be something that is updated quite regularly and new features added over time.
Would you like to see your picture on the cover of a magazine or on advertising billboards of Times Square? Trophy Case is also new, although like most things on Snapchat we’re not entirely sure what it means.
I knew it was on its way and thought us Android users were not going to have to wait long until it’s arrival, but there it was- officially launched! This blog post, which can be found here, shed much more light on the app and some of it’ features. That’s completely different with Instagram and several of my friends popped up straight away via Facebook and Twitter searches. Even if this was done, I’m still left scratching my head wondering what all the hype was about. Despite crashing a few times on both devices I tested on, it’s mostly stable so OK for everyday usage. The highlights of the app lie in the community (EVERYONE is pretty much on there) and the speed of using the app are impeccable.
Perhaps you're just looking for a nice frame for your photos on a special occasion?What are you waiting for? You’re probably one of the 1 million or more people that downloaded it in the first 24 hours of its release. This, especially if you’re a very social animal, is a massive tick and I think something that really will really make Instagram popular on the Android platform. My new HTC One X wasn’t supported, my HTC Desire HD was partially capable (although without some advanced camera functionality), others took ages to load up, more still reported crashing and freezing. Instagram is fast, responsive, has a great community feel to it and a few good filters but that’s about it. Both of these apps also come with a cool web-side, so you can upload from your device or via the web… not so with Instagram.
Instagram is good for its community aspects and, compared to some other apps, is very fast.

I have generally avoided comparing Instagram to the far more powerful editing apps like Pixlr-o-matic and FX Photo Editor.
I know iOS fans are blown away by the way you can share things to Twitter from many places within their apps now, but Android users have had this for years now, the lack of options in Instagram feels very restrictive. I think because the app is very responsive and quick, this is something you can use quite casually.
The fact is, the more I play with Instagram, the less I find it does… and it would seem far better Android apps go criminally neglected.
While these apps leave Instagram for dead as far as editing tools are concerned, Instagram has the social aspect to it where photos are posted on a shared platform. Streamzoo and Lightbox Photos (which, as far as I am concerned are the main players in the exclusively photo-sharing genre on Android) are currently far superior. I think the only questions left is, are you the Android user that’s literally blown away by the new app?
Instagram suddenly updated a couple of times and a few issues for people were ironed out, but still not support for my One X. Perhaps with a few more updates it might be a worthy challenge to Lightbox Photos and Streamzoo but for now, these two remain the joint champions on Android as far as I’m concerned. While I thought this neat, and certainly original, some pictures really didn’t respond well and looked worse. Furthermore, if it doesn’t support your camera, it also won’t let you upload from you SD card! However, if like me it leaves you scratching your head in bemusement, try either of the apps previously mentioned for a far better experience.
One of the initial things I noticed was that you can either take a picture yourself or upload one from your gallery.
This is great as it’s often very cool to apply new filters to previously taken photos.

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