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The modern versions of Facebook app for iOS make various sound effects when interface elements are interacted with in the app, from liking something to leaving comments and refreshing the feed.
The effect should be immediate, and perhaps unlike the Instagram video auto-play and sound settings which doesn’t seem to work all the time, the sound effects actually stop with this. However, ever since Apple launched the App Store, the native Camera app was quickly replaced by third-party camera apps such as Instagram, Camera+ etc. The options menu has also been removed. The toggles for video and the Panorama mode can now be accessed by swiping on the shutter button.
You can apply real-time filters to photos in Square and Photo mode, there are not available for videos and panorama mode. Taking a photo in iOS 7 is lightning fast, you don’t notice any delay when you tap on the shutter button, which was one of the annoying things about the Camera app.
The HDR option is available just above the camera modes and the shutter button, and is available only for the Photo and Square mode. You can now access the Camera app from anywhere in iOS thanks to the all new Control Center, which includes a shortcut for the camera app.
Overall, the Camera app has received a much need update to its user interface in iOS 7, and features such as real-time filters, quick access to the Camera app from Control Center (in addition to Lock screen) and the short shutter lag will give the popular third-party camera apps a run for their money. DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. Heather Barnett is a freelance writer and foodie whose work has been featured in blogs, websites, magazines, and TV and radio ads. If you need a little more function to your iPhone camera, at least one of these five developers has created the app you need. There's not too much wrong with the iPhone's native camera app, but if you're looking for something more fully featured, here are a few that will give your digital camera a run for its money.

One of the most popular camera apps on the iPhone, Camera+ is designed to make taking great photos as easy as possible. As one of the most powerful and easy-to-use camera apps available, Camera Awesome lives up to its name. Designed from the beginning to be the professional photographer's iPhone camera, 645 Pro works the way a camera works, with no layers of menus to maneuver through.
Pris takes a unique approach to camera apps by letting the user experience the moment, providing only what's needed to get the perfect shot.
The little popping and squishing sounds have annoyed some people apparently that use Facebook, but some of our readers have found that you can turn these Facebook app sound effects off on the iPhone and iPad with a somewhat buried settings toggle. Of course you could always just mute your iPhone or iPad while using the app, but that’s less of a solution if you want other sounds to come through, like auto-playing video or whatever other noise can come through Facebook of the auditory variety. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! The iconic skeuomorphic shutter button at the bottom and toggles for the front and rear-facing camera and LED flash at the top have been replaced with a flat user interface. You need to tap on one of them and tap the shutter button to take the photo with the filter effect. Tap on a photo, then tap on the Edit button, and then the filters icon to add the filter effect to the photo in your Camera roll.
As we had mentioned in our iOS 7 lock screen preview, it has been moved to the bottom right corner of the lock screen. In fact, if you slide it to the top and bounce it, the camera slider bounces back and gives you access to the Camera app. It’s gimmicky, but quite cool. Pinch with two fingers together to zoom out or spread them to zoom in while recording videos.

A beautiful interface makes it a snap to take shots that don't look like they were taken from a smartphone — just tap Awesomize for sharper, better-exposed photos. Built on the analog engine of the professional desktop app of the same name, CameraBag 2 boasts impressive image quality with extremely smooth color gradations, even on heavily filtered images. Pris is packed with thoughtful touches: tap anywhere on the screen to take a picture, swipe the live luminosity histogram to switch to video, and turn the iPhone on its side for panoramic stills.
All this and more make it easy to see why this app has been at the top of the charts since its release.
With professionally designed filters, plenty of features and the ability to expand the default app functionality through an expansive list of add-on packs, Camera Awesome should delight photographers of any experience level. It also allows you to remix and play with each of the 24 different styles for endless variation. Configurable spot metering and white balance, night mode, interchangeable backs and dRAW support all make for a daunting and impressive set of features. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. So much so that developer Michael Hardaker has created a simpler, more streamlined app named PureShot for users who want extremely high-quality photos without the complexity.

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