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I was expecting a lot from the chess game between Zero and Schneizel, but the game ended up pretty boring.
As in an absolute disaster that you just can’t really turn away from even if you want to. About Turkish Dance Night,In addition to Whirling Dervishes Ceremony at Hodjapasha Culture Center we have started to present a dance show called Turkish Dance Night on a regular basis 3 days a week . Variety of charming folkloric dances of Anatolia, Balkan and Caucassian regions combined with exotic oriental dances including male and female belly dancers.
This theatral dance show sensationally combines harem dance , oriental dance and modern dance together while exposing daily Ottoman harem life in Topkapy Palace . Nagisa’s past is finally revealed and the story of the little girl and her small robot-thingy is finally revealed to be the story which Nagisa has always wanted to play out.
Somehow, it just feels that something bad is going to happen to Nagisa, and I was almost convinced that she would just collapse that very instant. Yeah, seems like Clannad will only be 22 episodes long, which means just 2 more episodes to go.
The Chinese loli was to get married off as a political hostage to the (very useless plan looking) First Prince of Britannia whose name was only mentioned once while Schneizel’s name was chanted over and over again. I’ve always thought the wedding dinner happens after the wedding, not the night before) and she had her unofficial husband and his mistress come along with her.
Zero wanting to kidnap Tianzi is one thing, but to point a gun at a helpless child in front of the man who saved your ass earlier as hostage while laughing maniacally is low even for Lelouch. This show is performed by Hamam Dance Troupe which consists of 25 experienced dancers and musicians.Culture Center is a part of 550-year old Turkish Bath called Hocapa?a Bath which is today used as a market.

In Anatolian villages and towns, against the religious and social restrictions of imparial city, women and men used to sing, dance and have fun together.
Theme is based on an extraordinary true love story of an Ottoman slave woman and Dutch ambassador during Tulip period in 18th century .
Now that we’ve seen him blush, is there any other expressions we haven’t seen from him? It was much more interesting watching Nina going berserk trying to get Zero and I’ve been wishing her dead since the first season. Awesome costumes and 360 degree video mapping projection will make you feel that you are living in history. But since Tomoya seems to know the story as well while others did not, I suddenly have this crazy idea that that is perhaps something they both saw during a near-death situation. Everything up to now has been rather mild so if this is what it takes for Code Geass to surpass it’s epic legend of the Massacre Princess, then let the trainwreck begin!
The reason for the organization of entertainment such as weddings, grape harvest festivities and celebrations would determine the dances to be performed and the dances would differ according to wheter they were performed only by men or women or both men and women together In the Ottoman Empire and in modern Turkey today, every area, every city and village has its own traditional folkloric costumes and dances.
Because honestly, it would really be dumb if Nagisa turned out to be yet another forgotten childhood friend who shared the story with him before. These rich and traditional entertainment forms are still held in high regard and enjoyed today. The way she brushed off Suzaku was nothing short of awesome with that innocent look of hers. With more than 4000 types of traditional folkloric dances identified by folklore researchers in rural areas and villages, Turkey has one of the richest folkloric dance heritages today.

Anatolia is the melting pot of many civilizations where this great traditional heritage is kept alive.
Belly dancers in revealing, erotic costumes would roll their bellies, rhythmically circle their hips and waist, move their hands gracefully up and down like a snake and bat their eyes at the audience, accompanied by old Turkish style kocek music. This dancing style was strictly aimed at man and it had many erotic associations, therefore belly dancers would often dance for men in taverns, saloons and drinking houses.While belly dancing was confined to desolate back door venues during the Ottoman period, after the declaration of Republic women and families were allowed to participate in social life and belly dancers began performing in legal public venues, taverns and nightclubs.
Just like prominent singers, they would take to the stage as the final act and the audience would patiently wait for them to appear.
Turkish belly dancers are also known as “Turkish delights” on account of their beauty, plumpness and agilityToday, belly dancing is an art form loved by everyone and enjoyed by families. World renowned, beautiful and agile belly dancers keep entertaining audiences in night clubs, famous music halls and venues.Oriental dance training is improving today.
Auditions for young and talented people are being organized and those who are chosen are given training in thematic dancing. Dancing troupes like “Fire of Anatolia” present great productions of traditional folkloric dance and oriental dance rhytms choreography.

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