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Here are 5 free software applications to add several effects to photos without any kind of artistic skill or knowledge. PhotoFunia is one of the best and easy to use application to add effects to photos for free. Dydelf is another straight forward software to enhance your photos and to add effects to photos. Hot Spot Studio is another simple software which can be used by anyone for adding light effects to photos. TextSpace is free text generator website that lets you create variety of text designs online. This free text generator offers you variety of text patterns, like: Glitter Text, Patterned Text, Blinkie Text, Animal Text, Floating Text, Multi-styled Text, and a lot more. It lets you download the generated text in animated GIF format and at the same time generates web codes, which can be used to embed image of text on webpages, forums, or blogs. After selecting the required one, it redirects you to the page where you can can enter your text and customize it, by adjusting basic options, like: alignment, style, line spacing, text shadow, and much more.
TextSpace is simple and easy to use online text generator that lets you create custom stunning text effects in just few click. Funny photo effects, cool photo effects,photo fun effects, Photo effects, cool photo effects, eff mypic,cool photo effects, photo effect, photo effects, cool picture effects, effect photo, image effects, cool photo effects. Photofunia photo collage maker - funphotobox photo funia, Funphotobox photofunia free online photo collage maker create photofunia photo effects gif animations. Digital online photo effects filters - photo505, Photo505 is a tool to create digital photo effects from your photos online. 10 free online tools photo effects - designzzz, 10 best free online tools for photo effects.
The timeline allows you to see what photos you have in your animation and what order they are in.
The tab system is where you will be able to decide if you want to use a webcam to take photos with a webcam or use ones that you have on your computer. The meter at the bottom of the screen tells you how big the file size of your current animation will be.
Choosing to add a new frame is how you will be able to put another photo into your animation, but there is a limit of twenty. GIFPAL is a very easy to use GIF animation creator, with a nice simple interface that provides a lot of features. Comic Webcam is a cool webcam Chrome app which you can use for passing time, enhancing your pictures or distorting your pictures by funny effects.
Dein Bild sollte im jpg, gif oder png Format sein und sollte die GrA¶AYe von 4 Mb nicht A?berschreiten.

These software are easy to use and comes with tons of effects to give your photo real looking effects. This free app basically identifies the face in a photo and further allows you to add several real looking effects to your photos. This software has got a simple user interface which can be easily understood by anyone in the very first time. With the help of this free software you can make yourself look more glamorous than you actually look. This online tool comes with several effects old photo, night vision, sketch, fish eye, black & white and more. This online text maker lets you create custom welcome messages, thank-you messages, and much more, in very less time. It provides you variety of customization options which you can use to adjust the font, font style, color, alignment, transparency, and much more.
These options may vary on the type of selection, as some options provide both download and get codes. In my testing, I found that watermark is added to two effects only (Floating text generator and Blinkie Graphics generator). The best part of font options is that, it lets you customize each word of the text, individually.
This free text generator website will soon provide you options like “Download it” or “Get codes”, or both.
This website works by either using a webcam to take picture, or you can use pictures you have on your computer.
It does not give a file size in numbers it simply tells you if it will be small, medium or big. The option to choose if your photo is in portrait or landscape is handy because you can use both styles of photos with this GIF animator.
You can take pictures via webcam and you will find preset effects which you can apply on the images and save them in a click. Though it does not have any professional use but is a great app for passing your spare time in an interesting way or for creating funny photos to share with your friends. In order to apply the flower effect, you have to upload it and use the free photo editor software to edit it. With the help of these software you can completely alter your photos and make them as you want them to look like. This free software includes several special effects and artistic effects and includes other effects to enhance your photos. For using this software you need to upload your photo, and adjust the effects using slider.

You need to simply upload your photo, select any effect and leave the rest of work to Mess My photo. All other text effects could be created without watermark (see the screenshot above that I created with this website; it does not have watermark). One you have created your GIF animation you can download it from the website onto your computer.
It would have been great if the app had options of adding text or objects in your pictures. After you have used the photo editing software online, you can download it to your computer and use it on your MySpace profile. Sie kA¶nnen Fotokarten oder andere Fotoeffekte ohne Verwendung von Photoshop oder anderen Grafikprogrammen erstellen. These software can add several artistic effects, photographic effects, light effects and other photo enhancing effects to make your photo eye catching one. While taking pictures sometimes in a hurry we are not able to make use of camera settings for better picture, but anyhow with the help of this free software you can edit your photo and make it look better. Clicking on that the app will open up asking you for permission to access your webcam like shown in the screenshot above. Suchen Sie sich einfach einen Effekt aus und klicken darauf, dann laden Sie Ihr Foto herunter und Sie haben das Ergebnis. You need to simply upload your photo choose any effect from the available effects and leave the rest to PhotoFunia.
This free software adds real looking glamour effects to your photos and enhances your photo.
With the help of this software give your photos spotlight effect that too in your favorite color.
You can adjust the saturation, brightness and contrast by clicking on the bar on the top of its interface.
The interface is very simple, you can just start clicking pictures and experiment with cool and funny effects. You can then choose the effect you want by clicking on the arrow and take a picture by clicking on the button as shown above.
Other than that you can choose to apply the mirror effect or make it a square image by one click of the button.
You can take a picture by clicking on the camera icon on the bottom right or click on the countdown button which will click your picture in 3 seconds.

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