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When most of us first heard that Google was going to make a driverless car, our jaws dropped and a lot of us were excited about the news due to all the good it could bring. The infographic below shows the shocking positive and negative effects that may take place because of the Google Driverless Car. Victoria Reynolds is an avid writer, who enjoys learning about electronics and technological advancements that make life easier. Negative words are simply the opposite of positive words (yes, is, can, do, always…). FelderburgDecember 14, 2012 at 5:38 PMWhat about the idea that double negatives were introduced by linguists who wanted language to be more like math?

We want to make learning easier and fun, so we’re working on a series of educational books that use a super powered format to teach and empower all the students of the world.
Nevertheless, if we really stop and think about having a car that no longer needs us to drive it, we may realize what else it will cause us to no longer need.
The kind of double negative that this article is talking about, where two negatives reinforce each other, has always been part of English. It fell out of use in standard English in the 18th century, but has continued in many dialects until today. Currently, double negatives are greatly looked upon as incorrect usage within the school system, so we thought it best to teach the rule as it is being taught in the school system.2) Another one of our goals with Super Grammar is to help kids grasp difficult concepts related to grammar.

Double negatives (when heard in a sentence) may be easy to understand—but the concept of a double negative (two negatives canceling each other out) is not always as easy to grasp, especially for young kids.

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