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My kid told me about and elementary school prank where you ask some poor lonely kid if they want to join the pen 15 Wanting to fit in the kid agrees, at which point they are initiated with an official PEN15 indelible sharpie tattoo on their hand.
All I have to say is that if this is Ryan Sheckler and those are real tattoos then WHO the HELL ever heard of a straight guy with a TRAMP STAMP!!! Proof he is a fag is very prevalent in the scarf on his arm (not photo shopped), I have seen him cry on T.V. While he certainly represents the ugly, commercial side of skateboarding, I find it amusing how many of you immediately go for homophobic slurs.

It’s been said that the keenest tool in the homosexual arsenal is the ability for one gay to identify another. I guess his mom and dad split up, the mom is more than a little self-centered and the dad is a jerk. It was showing up on a weird duplicate post that happened a long time ago when I upgraded WordPress versions. She said that basically, the only sympathetic character is Ryan’s eight year old brother who is having a really hard time with the divorce.

That is a harsh accusation from somebody who doesn’t know photo editing computer programs exist.

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