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As a member of the same class that includes spiders, scorpions tattoo designs are very striking and unusual. Still, there's no denying the fact that scorpions are scary to look at - and it's not surprising that they are chosen by many people for their body artwork. Most people don't need a description when it comes to scorpion tattoo designs; the image of a fearsome, eight-legged creature immediately springs to mind.
Since there are so many different species of scorpion, they come in a dazzling range of different colors, although they all share the same basic "design." In other words, scorpion tattoos don't come in a single variety.
If you've ever seen a scorpion up close, you know how freaky-looking they really are - and it's easy to see why people try to steer clear of them whenever possible.

Many people view the scorpion with foreboding, so it is often used to ward others off or to keep unwanted people away.
They've existed on Earth for more than 400 million years, proving that they are resilient, versatile and strong. Large, menacing claws and a tail that curves up over the scorpion's head are also par for the course. Black scorpions are almost always used to embody pure evil; if someone has a black scorpion tattooed on their body, you can be sure that they're paying an homage to the creature's evil reputation.
While many people only see pure evil when they see a scorpion, others see a strong protector and feel soothed by its presence.

When you combine all of its meanings - evil, protection and sexuality - you end up with a confusing yet titillating motif. At the tip of that tail is a stinger that can inject lethal venom into the creature's prey.
Therefore, it's not unusual at all for the scorpion tattoo design to be used as a protective force, or as a talisman against evil.

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