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I jumped upon this opportunity to make a ladybug birthday cake for a sweet little girl's 2nd birthday when the mom asked me. For the ladybug, I baked the cake in a half a ball pan for the body and a jumbo muffin pan for the head.
The little ladybugs were made with red fondant shaped into an oval for the body and round black fondant for the head.
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Simply a chocolate layer cake, frosted with vanilla buttercream and then the sugarpaste red frosting.

The cupcakes are simply chocolate, frosted with green buttercream frosting to imitate grass, and a few ladybugs added – cute huh?
This Free step by step lesson progressively builds upon each previous step until you get to the final rendering of the LadyBug. The leaves were cut with a tear drop cutter, then painted criss-crossing lines with green gel color. A line was made in the middle of the red oval then spots were added using black buttercream. It’s just an excellent idea to use footprint as a tool(I nvr tot of tht though), lol!
Or the head can also be carved from a regular round pan too.Cover the half a ball cake with some buttercream then with red fondant.

Draw a line in the middle by using a gum paste veining tool.For the antenae, the wires used are those made for gum paste flowers - the ones that are covered with some sort of paper. Let dry.For the ladybug's head, cover the cake baked from the jumbo muffin pan with buttercream the with black fondant. With an even smaller round pastry tip cut out 2 white fondant circles to place on top of the black circles.Use pink fondant circles for the cheeks and a strip of white fondant for the mouth.

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