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A bird in a cage is a concept some people find fascinating and thus there are hundreds of parrots and love birds sold everyday around India. According to the organization People for Animals, Rosy ringed Parakeets are one of the most common illegally traded birds in India.
The traders use small wooden boxes with split levels to literally dump as many birds as possible into these.
Abrar Ahmed, consultant with Traffic India, says rescuing a bird is pointless since once a chick is separated from its parents, it rarely survives. Delhi’s chandni chowk bird market is a know area where traders from all over the country come to buy birds in bulk. To help stamp out the trade in parrots, pet trade enforcement officers and other organisations in India are being given a free poster detailing the 12 native parrot species. Eight of the 12 native species of parrots found in India regularly turn up in the illegal pet trade.
MKS Pasha, Co-ordinator of TRAFFIC India said: “Few know that our favourite and well-known ‘mithu’ is a protected species in India.
If you find an illegal bird trade going on in your locality, you can contact a local animal rescue organisation or the police to seek help. You can download the poster of the parrots here (right click and save after clicking on the link) and stick it in prominent public places, schools, colleges so that everyone recognises the birds and knows that it is not legal to keep them as pets at home. Encourage those who have birds in cages to free them and donate to a local animal rescue organisation. In the past, Atula has written for a number of international websites, dailies and magazines like Deccan Herald, New Indian Express, Down to Earth and Heritage India on issues related to environment and its conservation. She hopes this website provides a platform for people to be aware about species in the verge of extinction and heighten their conservation efforts.

It is true that we cannot stop this trapping and trading by just posting comments or discussing, neither advertisement nor any kind of publishing will help out this huge matter. In Kolkata, Galif Street Hut (Shyambazar, every Sunday, 6am-4pm) is the main market in Kolkata where this illegal trade happens.
Thousands of Indian Birds mainly Parrots get sailed, and the shocking and surprising part is police people also come (in uniform) and buy. Local MLAs MPs all are involved, so it is easily understood that untill and unless Politics gets detached with, this trade will be there forever. Whether a large tattoo or a mini tattoo, if it’s pretty enough, it will be loved by anyone. What many do not realize though is that by buying these birds they are letting an illegal trade flourish that is killing lakhs of beautiful birds each year.
Every alternate week the organization rescues these birds from trains and buses on their way to pet markets.
The birds in the bottom layer are often covered with faeces of the birds sitting in the top level. Bird-lime is nothing more than a powerful glue that poachers paint onto branches and tree trunks so any bird landing on it gets stuck.
By issuing the new posters to police, forestry officials, environmental officers together with schools and colleges TRAFFIC India and WWF India hope to cut the impacts of the pet trade on endangered and vulnerable bird species in India. Their chicks are captured remorselessly from the wild, and many to not make it to the final destination.
She is also the Content Head of Junior Explorers that's helping connect kids with nature & wildlife through a fun learning experience. She is also the author of Environment Science Essentials, a set of books for school children.

It’s true that there are many layers of corruption that seep in and make it difficult to catch the culprits who are involved in such trade.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Some people prefer to have mini tattoo designs for their body because they think that the designs are so cute. To hide the boxes, traders cover them with gunny bags and some birds therefore die of suffocation. Chicks are captured across the country in winter and traded between December and June ; the adults are traded throughout the year. The methods of capture and the way that birds are transported means that there is a very high death rate. The organisation says that Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Patna, Lucknow and Kolkata are the hubs of this trade, but the most important point of transaction is the national capital.
Mumbai is used as a stopover while sending birds to the Middle East and Ahmedabad too is a growing hub to send birds to foreign countries. Most have broken wings, broken legs and just 10 percent make it finally to the pet market alive. The most common species is the rose-ringed parakeet while the most preferred species for trade is the Alexandrine parrot, as it has a superior ability to mimic humans and can adapt well to captivity. All we can do is not let our voice fade away and keep speaking against such ghastly practices.

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