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3D tattoos are the coolest form of body art today.  Since time immemorial, tattoos have been widespread. One could never imagine that it can be done on human body as conventionally, 3D images happened only in computers or multi-media.  An overwhelming number of fanatics continue to increase, as this is truly an incredible development.
Before we look at what permanent or eyebrow tattoos are, you need to know something about eyebrows. However, to some people, eyebrows are a disaster as they have thin brows that are hardly noticeable or some have very sparse brows. Permanent eyebrows, also known as eyebrow tattoos, interdermal eyebrow micropigmentation cosmetic eyebrow tattooing refers to the cosmetic procedure, which utilizes permanent pigments (tattoos) on the dermis to produce the effect of wearing a makeup.
Unlike the normal makeup, which can be done in most salons, the permanent eyebrow procedure requires you to get a qualified permanent makeup artist who will ensure you get excellent results to avoid the common stories of people spending much money, and get very disappointed.
Before going for the eyebrow tattooing procedure, ensure you have done your homework of finding some of the most reputable permanent makeup technicians.
The exact procedure you will undergo might vary slightly from one permanent makeup salon to another depending on the equipments they use. When the actual process begins, expect the desired permanent pigment color to be injected to your dermis top layer, just below the epidermis using a needle that could be vibrating. Normally, during eyebrow tattooing, brow like strokes are used in the direction of growth of eyebrows to help them imitate actual brows i.e. There are many benefits of eyebrow tattoos, which are making permanent eyebrows to gain popularity among many people around the world. Secondly, people with thin, sparse or light colored brows can benefit from eyebrow tattooing to make them appear fuller. Permanent eyebrows are one of the best solutions to people who have lost their eyebrows due to many of the causes of brow loss that include aggressive tweezing or waxing, medications such as chemotherapy, scars, alopecia among many others.
Eyebrow tattoos are cost effective in the long run since they will eliminate the use of makeup such as brow powders, pencils, tints, dyes etc.
May be the most important benefit of permanent eyebrows is the fact that they will not smudge, smear, get wiped or fade easily.
We have seen there are many benefits of permanent eyebrows.  There are some disadvantages of eyebrow tattoos, which happens to be the general down sides of any form of permanent makeup. Since it is a permanent makeup, you will have to live with the permanent eyebrows you have created after brow tattooing has been done.
Unless you go to an expert who will create the exact looks you need, you might get undesirable looks, which you have to leave with the eyebrow tattoos that have been created. Permanent eyebrows are costly, as they need you to have around $1,000, a figure that some people might not be able to raise at ones when compared to buying eye makeup.
Generally, all tattoos, including eyebrow tattoos tend to sag as your skin ages and wrinkles grow. Eyebrow tattoos are a bit costly since you will need to part with more than $300 in most places across the world. Eyebrow Pen – An easy and affordable way to replicate Micropigmentation is to use an eyebrow tattoo pen.

Eyebrow Stencils – Eyebrow stencils are reusable and pre-shaped coverings that are aligned with the existing brow and filled in with either powder, a pen, or mascara. Brow Enhancing Serum  –  Rich in botanical extracts and vitamins, brow enhancing serum is used to grow fuller, longer, and stronger brow hair. Learn what it is, the costs and prices, benefits, semi permanent and permanent eyebrow tattooing and procedure. People with thin or sparse eyebrows have always been disadvantages since they have to use eyebrow makeup everyday to make them look fuller. However, if you give it a good consideration, it is a great ways to overcome your lack of eyebrow or need to use makeup every day. Eyebrow tattoos have all the characteristic of other tattoos and they are bound to fade up with time.
It is not just the understanding the procedure that matters but being able to get the looks you desire too.
As it enters or pierces to your skin, it releases some tiny drops of the pigment to the whole it has created.
Most of the permanent eyebrow technicians will not charge you extra money since they are correcting some areas they missed out. Instead of struggling to apply brow makeup every day, just visit a permanent makeup artists and have your eyebrows done. If you go to a professional eye brow tattooing expert, you can create the desired eyebrow shape, color, density, symmetry and balance and avoid having every to deal with your eyebrows again. In case you want to get rid of the them, the process is not only costly but also painful that creating the tattoos themselves. For instance, in Canada, expect to spend around $350 to $1, 000 if you want quality services.
The formula is designed to be smudge proof and mostly comes with two shades per compact so the desired effect can be perfected.
It is used more for enhancement of already existing brows, but looks great and won’t break your pocketbook.
Several stencil designs (including: Curved Arch, Soft Arch, Full arch), help you achieve perfectly shaped brows and accentuate your face.
This popular alternative is safe, hypoallergenic, and clinically proven to produce great results.
This procedure involves sedation and surgical removal of hair and follicles  from just above the ear. Some people are lucky since they have full and lush brows, which look great even without any brow makeup.
The process is slightly painful, it is comparable to eyebrow plucking pain and it is likely to cause some skin redness and swelling. During the first up to three weeks after you have gone for this procedure, ensure you do not swim so much or go to saunas. Perhaps people have health concerns regarding permanent makeup, or feel they might regret their choice, believing its an idea that might not be as popular tomorrow as it is today.

Seeing tattoos are neither that intriguing nor exciting nowadays as they are now very common to people. Not to mention, a high level of skills and training are needed for one to learn the process.
If this has been a challenge, you can say bye and go for permanent eyebrows.  But what is are these tattoos or brow makeup? Ensure you look at some of the before and after work that a certain permanent cosmetic technician has done. However, if the technician uses a good local numbing anesthesia, expect little or no pain at all.  Immediately after the procedure, you might get slightly darker looks.
You must fully heal before you can go for correction or any adjustments that might be necessary. However, the exact price you will be charge will be dependent on the specific permanent cosmetic technician you go to, the kind of salon and the location of the salon.
Although permanent, this method may limit some  mainly due to cost, which can run in the several thousand dollar range. It takes deeper understanding of art to perfect the process.  The colors, shades, strokes and fonts are meticulously done to produce a unique and one-of-a-kind tattoo. After a week to three weeks, you will have completely healed, the initial color due to needle piercing will disappear, and the color shade you chose will start appearing. Ensure you inquire on the exact cost for the kind of eyebrow tattoos you want since prices might vary for different designs. Firstly, because permanent makeup is actually only semi-permanent and will fade naturally over time, the choice to tattoo eyebrows is not as detrimental or scary as it might seem.
Many tattoo enthusiasts are keen to try this modern art; however, there are still very few tattoo artists who are capable of doing so. Good design can help flatter you eyes and facial features as it is depended on the features you have. Secondly, there are several alternative products and eyebrow makeup options to help with eyebrow modification and correction if you just can’t bring yourself to take that leap. But with the introduction of 3D tattoos, it seems that the world is now again maneuvered with this undying work of art. For instance, people with deep-set eyes, close set or wide apart eyes might require different designs. It has now caught the attention of not just the tattoo fanatics but as well as of common people.

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